Wynn Rewards Program: How to Earn Points & Reap the Benefits

A complete guide to the Wynn Rewards program, from how to earn tier credits to accumulating COMPDOLLARS in person and online.

If you are in any way invested in the world of casino, you will be familiar with the Wynn brand.

Wynn Resorts owns casino and hotel properties across the United States and beyond, including Wynn Las Vegas, Encore Boston Harbor and Wynn Macau. Their resorts are luxury, exclusive resorts often visited by celebrities and high-profile guests.

Just like with any resorts group, there is a Wynn Rewards program. It’s the perfect way to be appreciated for visiting Wynn properties, spending money while there and playing their casino games.

Additionally, anyone who plays online casino games at WynnBET is also eligible for Wynn Rewards. The brilliant thing about the Wynn Rewards program is that both WynnBET customers and those in-person at Wynn properties can claim rewards through the scheme.

So, let’s break down Wynn’s loyalty program. We will cover everything from tier credits to slot points and COMPDOLLARS.

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What are the Wynn Rewards Tiers?

You will notice that the Wynn Rewards system is far simpler than other rewards programs out there, such as MGM Rewards.

For example, MGM Rewards has five tiers to work through. Wynn Rewards has just three.

Wynn Rewards TierCredits Needed
Red0 – 6,999
Platinum7,000 – 69,999

What Rewards Will I Get for Each Tier?

Ok, so you probably get the idea. Being a red tier member will mean basic rewards for you. Platinum tier members will receive better rewards than red tier members. Then, those in the black Wynn Rewards tier will be eligible for the best possible rewards.

Here’s what you will get in each tier of the Wynn Rewards scheme.

What are the Wynn Rewards tiers
Wynn Rewards Scheme
Wynn Rewards Black Tier Benefits

Red Tier Highlights

Just by signing up online or getting a Wynn Rewards card at one of Wynn’s land-based resorts, you automatically become a red tier member.

Of course, this title will not get you anything crazy. However, you will be able to claim discounts at selected hotels and Holland America Line, partnered with Wynn.

Additionally, the check-in process at Wynn Resorts will be made easier as red tier members can complete the process fully electronically.

Platinum Tier Highlights

At 70,000 tier points, this is where it gets exciting. You will earn a 20% bonus on slot points earned for FREECREDIT (more on this later). You will also receive $100 complimentary spa credit and $150 dinner credit for your birthday.

But the platinum tier rewards don’t stop there at the Wynn. You will get priority seating at The Buffet, one of Wynn’s most iconic dining locations (trust us, you’ll need priority when you see the queues!).

Priority is the key here, as you will also get priority slot service at Wynn’s US locations and priority access to special events.

Black Tier Highlights – Rewards Galore!

If you are a Wynn Rewards black tier member, it’s safe to say you are pretty important around these parts. And you are eligible for some pretty exciting rewards to match.

Highlights include a complimentary one-night stay at Encore Boston Harbor, a round of golf at Wynn Golf Club in Vegas and a Holland America Line cruise for two.

Wynn Rewards will even chuck in priority restaurant bookings and seating, late check-out and even a personal casino host. This is the life…

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How Do I Earn Wynn Rewards Tier Credits?

As mentioned previously, Wynn’s loyalty program is open to both in-person Wynn Resorts guests and online WynnBET players.

So, how do you earn tier credits in-person and online?

Earning Tier Credits In-Person

It is worth remembering that tier credits can only be rewarded to you if you use your Wynn Rewards card. Your card should be handed over to the dealer at the table you wish to play at, or inserted into the slots/games machine that you are about to play.

The number of tier credits earned depends on how long you play for, how much you wager and what games you play.

For example, one player who wagers $100 per hand at the blackjack table will rack up more tier credits over ah hour than another player who is playing $0.10 spins on the slot machines. It makes sense.

So, remember your Wynn Rewards card when you next visit one of their properties – it will pay off!

Wynn Rewards Card

Collecting Tier Credits Online

Once again, tier credits earned online will vary depending on the length of time played, game type and money wagered.

The difference between online play and in-person play is that your casino and sportsbook activity is automatically tracked. Rather than handing over a physical card, online players simply need to choose a game and play to be tracked for tier credit collection.

Online, your tier credits will be added to your Wynn Rewards account within 24 hours of settled casino wagers or sports bets.

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How Do I Earn Slot Points for FREECREDIT?

As you’d expect, thousands of players are racking up game time on Wynn’s slot machines and video slots. As a result of slot play, you can earn points which will amount to FREECREDIT.

Here’s how to earn slot points:

  • On slots – earn 1 point for every $5 coin in.
  • On video poker – earn 1 point for every $10 or $20 coin in, depending on the game.

Then, for every 500 slot points earned through Wynn Rewards, you will get $5 in FREECREDIT. After earning your slot points, you have 12 months to redeem for FREECREDIT. You will then have 30 days to redeem your FREECREDIT following the conversion from slot points.

It is worth stressing one more time – it is your responsibility to ensure that your play is being tracked when at Wynn’s land-based venues.

Or, if you’re in a legal online casino state where WynnBET operates (New Jersey, Michigan or West Virginia, just play online and earn points here!

Wynn Slots Area

How Do I Earn Wynn Rewards COMPDOLLARS?

COMPDOLLARS are earned based on how much you wager, what type of game you play, and how long you play for.

Again, you just need to hand your Wynn Rewards card to your dealer or insert it into your machine before playing at Wynn’s land-based casinos. Or, online your activity will be tracked automatically.

But what are COMPDOLLARS? Well, they are reward points that can be redeemed for dining, hotel stays, shopping, golfing, spas and more. They are very valuable ‘dollars’ to have in your wallet.

Private: WynnBET Casino

Private: WynnBET Casino DEPOSIT MATCH

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Now that it is slightly harder to earn FREECREDIT as it used to be, the introduction of COMPDOLLARS is ideal. It definitely compensates for the lost perks of FREECREDIT.

What Can I Redeem COMPDOLLARS for?

Fancy a trip to one of Wynn’s US-based resorts? Well, COMPDOLLARS will certainly come in handy then.

Here’s where you can redeem your ‘dollars’ thanks to this welcome addition to the Wynn Rewards program:

How to earn Wynn Comp Dollars

Some of the locations where you can redeem your COMPDOLLARS are incredible. For example, Delilah, Encore Beach Club and Wynn Golf Club all welcome celebrity guests regularly. There’s a reason they go to these places.

Can’t Get to Wynn Resorts in Person to Claim Wynn Rewards?

It’s unfortunate. But there’s a solution!

Simply sign up to WynnBET if you are in the following states:

StateOnline Sportsbook?Online Casino?
New JerseyYesYes
New YorkYesNo
West VirginiaYesYes

How to Sign Up for WynnBET Casino

To sign up, all you need to do is click ‘Get Bonus’ below:

Private: WynnBET Casino

Private: WynnBET Casino DEPOSIT MATCH

Use code ‘WELCOME’ for a Deposit Match up to $1,000.
$1,000 Deposit Match Bonus Get Bonus
Terms and conditions apply

To be eligible for the $1,000 welcome bonus, you must be at least 21 years old and located in New Jersey, Michigan or West Virginia. Enjoy claiming those rewards!

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