William Hill offering ‘No Juice’ on Super Bowl Coin Toss betting

One of the most popular Super Bowl wagers is the outcome of the Coin Toss and William Hill are giving all customers pure odds of +100 on each outcome.

William Hill are offering new customers a $160 in Free Bets on the Super Bowl and one of the most popular markets on the game will be the outcome of the pre-game Coin Toss.

Usually this market attracts a lot of attention as it’s a single 50-50 outcome and players like the idea of a pure chance gamble before the game kicks off.

It is, however, one that is skewed in favor of the sportsbooks. They usually offer odds of -105 on Heads and -105 on Tails, which means that no matter the outcome, they’ll make a profit in the form of the vigorish, or ‘juice’.

This year though, William Hill, one of the biggest legal sportsbooks in New Jersey, are offering juice free lines of +100 on both Heads and Tails. This is by far the best bet around on the Coin Toss and means that players get perfect odds. Use your Free Bets on the event and you have a ‘free hit’ to win before the Super Bowl even kicks off!

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