The Weekend’s Big Bets: Lakers’ 17th NBA title nets bettor $120,000!

The biggest betting stories from the weekend – good and bad – as we were treated to NFL, College Football, NBA, MLB and Tennis action.

What a weekend it was for sport. There were 11 NFL matchups on Sunday, 14 College teams in action on Saturday, the Lakers won the 2020 NBA Finals, and Rafael Nadal won the French Open for a 13th time. There was even MLB Postseason action for us to enjoy.

Time to take a look at the big betting stories that emerged from the weekend’s sport – both good and bad!

The Good

The best wins are the ones that involve low stakes and high returns. One bettor at FanDuel wagered just $10 on a 6-leg TD scoring parlay. All six legs hit and the bettor turned $10 into $17,466!

Sticking with FanDuel Sportsbook, another bettor became $15,000 richer after LeBron’s Lakers turned on the magic on Sunday night. Unbelievably, the 8-leg Same Game Parlay hit:

The Lakers’ 17th NBA title win resulted in another happy sports bettor over at PointsBet. This player wagered $150,000 on Nadal to win a set in the French Open Final (he won three), Ravens to beat the Bengals (they won by 24 points) and the Lakers to win. Seems an easy bet to win, but you’ve gotta be in it to win it!

There’s nothing much better than winning your bet early on in a game. Fortunately for this bettor below, there was no sweating as Tyreek Hill recorded an early TD. The bet paid out $18,333 as a result.

And finally, a win’s a win at the end of the day…but wasn’t this stupid?

The Bad

Over at BetMGM, one player wagered $290,000 on the Seahawks to cover against the Vikings yesterday. The bet would’ve returned $263,635. A narrow 27-26 win for the Seahawks wasn’t the 7-point victory this bettor needed.

In Progress…

What can you say about this bet. Half way there I suppose…

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