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Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis is an NYC-based sports bettor who travels to New Jersey to lay his legal sports bets. He is a former elected official, who is also a fourth-generation sports handicapper. As a sports handicapper Davis focuses on international baseball, MLB, NBA, College Football, and Canadian Football. Davis is an analytical sports bettor who builds his own mathematical models for betting on sports. He is a profitable sports bettor who enjoys sharing his insights with aspiring sports handicappers.

Learn how to bet on sports from sports bettor and sports betting writer Kevin Davis.

When: Thursdays January 17th, 24th, and 31st: 8-10 PM ET

Where: Zoom

Cost: Free with sports betting app sign-up or $50

About the class

Legal sports betting is spreading throughout the country, and there are very few resources for new bettors to learn how to properly bet. People think that if they know about sports, then they will make money as a sports bettor. In the long run, most sports bettors will lose money. The goal of my class is so you can bet on sports and either break even or be slightly profitable.

What you will learn

  • Bankroll Management
  • How to build a bankroll with barely any money by taking advantage of sign-up offers.
  • Expected Value
  • The house advantage of different bet types, and how to decrease it in your favor.
  • How to shop for the best betting lines.
  • How to take advantage of odds boosts and free bets.
  • The basics of picking games.
  • The basics of picking the best player prop bets.

About Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is a sports bettor and sports betting writer based in Hoboken, NJ. Kevin began his sports betting journey as resident of the Bronx, betting on sports in the back of Spanish speaking businesses. When sports betting was first legalized in New Jersey, Mr. Davis ditched his bookie for the PATH train where he would travel to NJ just to lay wagers with regulated sportsbooks from his phone.

After doing this for a while, Kevin discovered that he had the potential to become a long-term profitable bettor with the right discipline. After learning how to properly bet on sports, Kevin became a long-term profitable bettor that has been successful enough to be limited by one of NJ’s regulated sportsbooks.

Currently in addition to betting on the games himself, Kevin is a contributor for American Betting Experts, Vegas Insider, and Sportsbook Review. In his daily and/or weekly columns, Mr. Davis goes over his best bets for Baseball, Basketball, and Football.

Sign Up

  1. Register for new sports betting app account, deposit money, and then make a real money bet. Make sure to register with one of these links or else you will not get into the class for free.
  2. Forward your app sign-up email to
  3. If not in a legal sports betting state or close to one, email Kevin privately to arrange a $50 payment for the class.

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