Resorts Rewards Points: Earn Online Points while Resorts Casino is Closed

Resorts Casino players can earn Reward Points for online play during the Atlantic City closure

The closure of Atlantic City Casinos due to Corona Virus looks inevitable and even if there is no government enforced lockdown, people are still staying away from the Boardwalk due to fears of infection.

This means that regular visitors will lose their VIP perks during this period but Resorts are giving back to players via their online Rewards Points system.

Players of all levels can earn Resorts Rewards and Echelon Rewards through playing their favorite table or slot games online in New Jersey from the comfort of their homes, and the points can still be exchanged for rewards (or cash) at the Casino when it reopens.

Here is a guide to the VIP levels of Resorts Rewards and Points Required per month:

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