Premier League 19/20 MatchDay 3: Chelsea Seek for Their First Win as Arsenal Visit Anfield to Battle for the Top of the Table

I hate football. Football is dumb. I don’t even know why people love it. I don’t know why I love it. I apologize for giving such terrible picks last weekend. I really thought it was going to be a great weekend in the bank after Liverpool’s Adrian gifted Southampton a goal hitting the Over, I was ready for a good day. Then came Pukki’s hattrick, Sheffield’s first Premier League win, Chelsea’s defensive woes, and “Pogboom’s” shitty penalty resulted in my 4-7 prediction record last week. ‘No risk, No fun’ is the name of the game and it was definitely No fun. We still have over 30 games left. I’m not bleeding just yet.

DJ Khalid teams up with the Premier League as we have ‘ANOTHA ONE’ Top 6 matchup as Arsenal travel to Liverpool at Anfield Saturday afternoon. Just kidding DJ Khalid is busy with his son this weekend. Aston Villa, Newcastle, Southampton, and Watford are looking for their first points of the season heading into the weekend. Watford is still looking for their first goal of the season as Liverpool and Arsenal face off for the top of the table as they share the lead only being separated by goal differential, and they play this Saturday. Keep your pants on everybody because we still have a few more games prior.


Aston Villa vs. Everton

Aston Villa saw themselves down 2 goals early against Bournemouth resulting in Villa’s defeat, whereas Everton took care of business early in their season home opener against Watford winning 1-0. This is a matchup for the history books as these teams have battled each other 203 times, most played fixture in English League history, with Everton having a slight edge with 3 more wins. My toffees have not performed up to par as we can’t find the target. Aston Villa is still a newly built team trying to figure out some final kinks that will burst them through the ceiling.


  • Aston Villa won 2 of last 15 games vs. Everton (Both victories in Villa Park; 2010 & 2015)
  • Everton scored 2 or more goals in last 8 fixtures vs. Aston Villa (longest scoring streak against any other team)
  • Aston Villa has won more games and scored more goals vs. Everton than any other matchup
  • Everton has yet to concede a goal this season

Everything about this game, and Everton’s recent form against Villa tells me to bet the Everton money line, also because I’m a die-hard 19/20 Everton fan. But Everton has been nothing short of boring. Bernard’s goal against Watford is the only goal Everton has scored thus far. Aston Villa has been unfortunate in their Premier League campaign showing great performances with nothing to show for. Everton would be the team to play against to gain some confidence, but with the return of Schneiderlin it’s hard to bet against the Toffees.

Everton Money Line at +120 with SugarHouse

Norwich City vs. Chelsea

Chelsea is looking for their first win of the season as they visit Norwich. Norwich comes off a dominating defeat at their home opener versus Newcastle United behind Pukki’s hattrick. Norwich dominated Newcastle with possession helping them earn their first points in this 19/20 Premier League season. Manager Super Frank’s Chelsea have historically struggled against Leicester with the pressure Jamie Vardy puts on defenders. I’m sure there will be a few tweaks in the starting eleven that manager Super Frank will change, but other than that it will be a tough challenge for Norwich come Saturday morning.


  • Norwich are winless in their last 15 matches vs. Chelsea
  • Norwich has won 1 in their last 15 matchups against Top 6 teams
  • Chelsea have lost their last 2 vs. Championship Champions (0-3 vs. NEW 17/18; 1-2 vs. WOL 18/19)

Number’s don’t lie. Doesn’t mean they can be conflicting and make you want to rip your hair out because math is supposed to give you the right answer. That was the purpose of those “Check off’s” your math teacher made you do after a problem. Well, you can do whatever you want here because everything makes sense to bet the Chelsea Money Line. I’m not saying don’t, but Chelsea have lost to the previous 2 Championship Champions when they are promoted. That is a mind-boggling stat! But with Chelsea’s early woes and urgency will result in a Chelsea win. If not I will never bet on Chelsea again.

Chelsea Money Line at -118 with SugarHouse

Brighton vs. Southampton

Southampton travels along the coast of England as they visit Brighton. Brighton is off to a blistering start crushing Watford and responding quickly to Chicharito’s goal to win a point against West Ham. It’s going to be amazing to see if Brighton can continue their impressive start to the season somewhat mimicking Wolves 18/19 season. Southampton is still looking for their first point of the season after a difficult loss to Liverpool last weekend. Southampton looked to be more dangerous after the substitution of Danny Ings who provided a goal after Liverpool’s Adrian’s amazing mistake (Thank you betting Gods!) winning us the Over 2.5 bet.


  • Brighton has won 1 of 10 vs. Southampton
  • Brighton have never opened a top-flight season unbeaten in 3 games
  • Southampton are winless in last 7 Premier League games

This is a challenging game to predict. Every game is. To put it in layman terms, I’m either going to bet on history or current form. All indications point towards a Brighton’s loss as they have trouble beating Southampton and that they have never been unbeaten in 3 opening Premier League games. But Southampton’s recent poor form puts a sour taste in my mouth every time I consider betting on Southampton. Bet the Brighton Money Line and if Southampton wins this matchup, they can thank me for regaining their form.

Brighton Money Line at +145 with SugarHouse

Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace

Manchester United look to regain their winning ways as Crystal Palace visit them at the theatre of dreams at Old Trafford. Crystal Palace comes off a defeat to newly-promoted Sheffield United after Palace must have thought it was still halftime in the 47th minute conceding the only goal of the game. Crystal Palace is still looking for their first goal of the season as eyes are on Zaha as he expects to be in the starting lineup again, although his future is still in the air. United come back home after Paul Pogba’s missed penalty kick FUCKED me out of my United Money Line bet. I’m more mad at Rashford for handing the ball to Pogba but hey, why would I want to shoot a penalty kick after scoring one against Chelsea the week prior. I wouldn’t either (This is sarcasm). Also, Crystal Palace has never beaten Manchester United in the Premier League. NEVER EVER!


  • Crystal Palace won 2 of 20 against Top 6 teams.
  • Crystal Palace scored once in 12 games away at Old Trafford
  • London sides are 16-152 when they visit Old Trafford

There is no secret that Crystal Palace is going to go home with 0 points against the Red Devils. But that is a way too safe bet to make that isn’t ultimately worth betting. So let’s talk about the goals since you need those to win a game of football. Both teams have conceded 1 goal thus far in the season and Palace have yet to score a goal compared to United’s 5 goals. The Over’s are 10-9 in favor of the Under’s which makes this bet more challenging to predict. But Manchester United has been ruthless on the offensive in their past two fixtures. I think Manchester United will win by a few goals possibly conceding a goal from Danny Ings! Bet the Over 2.5!

Over 2.5 Goals at +112 with SugarHouse

Sheffield United vs. Leicester City

Leicester City travels to Sheffield for their respective MatchDay 3 fixture. Sheffield looks to stay unbeaten in the Premier League in contrast to the Foxes who are looking for their first win of the season. Sheffield snatched themselves 3 points from Crystal Palace at home relentlessly hammering the Eagles in shots. Leicester traveled to their favorite ground Stamford Bridge because, per usual, they walked off the pitch with a point to bring home. This will be the first time these two clubs met in the league since 1971 when it resulted in a 1-1 draw. Clearly much has changed as one of these teams ended up winning the Premier League not too long ago.


  • Sheffield are winless vs. Leicester in last 6 competitive fixtures
  • Sheffield have been unbeaten in their first 3 top-flight games once
  • Sheffield have won 6 of last 10 Premier League home games (Scoring 1 goals in all 10 games)

This will be a hard-fought battle between Sheffield and Leicester resulting in Leicester traveling home with 3 points. Jamie Vardy and Co. will physically be more dominant than Sheffield as well as being more fit. Jamie Vardy’s pace, determination, and roar will put Sheffield on their heels ultimately losing to the Foxes. Bet on the Leicester Money Line!

Leicester City Money Line at +125 with SugarHouse

Watford vs. West Ham United

West Ham United visit Watford for their third games of the season as both teams look for their first win of the season. Watford is struggling to find their form from last season as one of the biggest surprises last year. Watford is struggling to hit the target as it shows scoring 0 goals so far. West Ham need good result after being thrashed by Manchester City and a draw against a hot Brighton team is devaluing their transfers from the summer. West Ham has also only scored 1 goal so far. However, Watford has won more Premier League games against West Ham than any other side they faced.


  • West Ham lost 2 of 15 away fixtures vs. Watford
  • Watford have lost 5 consecutive Premier League games
  • West Ham are winless in last 9 Premier League games in August

There are so many conflicting numbers that keep shifting my thoughts on predicting this game. I ultimately believe it’s going to be a tie but I don’t want to bet on stalemates until further notice. So this will be all about the goals. West Ham is part of Watford’s Premier League losing streak beating them 4-1 in late May. But with their current form of both teams and their offensive woes, this game will have Under 2.5 goals.

Under 2.5 Goals at +114 with SugarHouse

The Premier League Gods bless us with a third consecutive top 6 fixture as Arsenal travel north to visit Liverpool at Anfield. Both teams are the only remaining perfect teams in the Premier League winning their first two fixtures of the season. Liverpool looks to be the more impressive side as Arsenal barely crossed the finish line against Newcastle and Burnley. Liverpool has been on the winning side of things against Arsenal in recent games. However, no Premier League fixture has seen more goals scored between the Gunners and the Reds. A total of 155 goals in 54 games. Last time these teams met, Liverpool thrashed Arsenal at Anfield 5-1. Are Arsenal looking for revenge?


  • Arsenal are winless in 8 matchups vs. Liverpool
  • Arsenal haven’t won in their last 6 Anfield trips
  • Arsenal lost 13 Premier League games at Anfield
  • Liverpool are on an 11 game win streak in the Premier League

This is the first big test for both clubs this season as both looks to take pole position of the Premier League. All indications are pointing towards a Liverpool win at home as one would expect. Liverpool has turned Anfield into a fortress with Virgil Van Dijk doing his best Gandalf impression as attackers ‘Shall Not Pass’ the defender. I have full confidence in the Liverpool squad to provide the result we expect, but how many goals will be scored is the tricky part of the game. The oddsmakers allocate the Over/Under at 3.5 goals for this matchup, and the Over hit when Tottenham tied Man. City last week. Also, the fact that the current Over of 3.5 would hit 5 of the previous 6 matchups between the clubs, you bet your ass I’m betting this Over!

Over 3.5 Goals at +110 with SugarHouse

Bournemouth vs. Manchester City

Champions Manchester City travels to Bournemouth on Sunday as they look to shake off another crucial VAR decision against Tottenham. If you happen to live under a rock, City was on to beat Tottenham in the dying minutes until VAR ruled a handball ruling a no goal for City. The champions are going to look into cutting off their own shoulders and hands to make sure every ball they kick goes through the net. A ball crossing the line won’t be good enough for VAR in City’s eyes. On the other hand, Bournemouth doubled their lead in the first 12 minutes against Aston Villa last week, winning their game 2-1 and 4 points collected so far. Fraser will be looking to get on the scorers’ sheet for the first time this season but need a miracle to do so against a seemingly unstoppable City team.


  • Bournemouth has never won vs. City
  • In 8 straight games City has won, the aggregate score is 25-3
  • Bournemouth of lost 13 of 15 Premier League games vs. Top 6
  • City have won last 8 away games vs. south coast teams

Without a doubt, Manchester City will crush the Cherries away. The fury Pep is holding within himself will be unleashed early Sunday morning playing his deck of cards including Sterling, Jesus, Debruyne, and Co. City is not as dominant away as they are at home, no shit. Their previous 3 away games at Bournemouth have resulted in wins of 0-1, 1-2, 0-2. The oddsmakers have allocated the Over/Under at 3.5 goals. The Under is the safe bet to make in this game because 4 goals have not fallen in Bournemouth when Manchester City have come to town since 2016.

Under 3.5 Goals at -110 with SugarHouse

Tottenham vs. Newcastle

Tottenham Hotspurs host a struggling Newcastle team after VAR saved the Spurs a point from Manchester City. The Spurs were holding on for dear life as City were HAMMERING Lloris, 30 shots to be exact. They still held on and managed to score 2 out of 3 attempts coming out of the Etihad. Newcastle was humiliated by Norwich last weekend behind Pukki’s hattrick. Newcastle had 36% possession of the game in their loss only putting 4 shots on target and a late consolation goal to finish the game 3-1. The departure of former Manager Rafa Benitez is being felt by the northerners as they struggle to understand their owners, Mike Ashley, decision making. This may see Newcastle in a relegation spot for a majority of the season. But Newcastle does very well away against Tottenham when they visit the north Londoners.


  • Newcastle has won 3 of 6 away games vs. Tottenham
  • Newcastle’s last 2 away loses vs. Tottenham finished 1-0
  • Tottenham beat Newcastle in 4 consecutive games (Agg. 6-1)

I’m feeling an upset here people. Nope, just kidding. Those are just the gambling demons tricking me to go for the big prize in betting the underdogs of Newcastle. I mean as much as I want to Newcastle isn’t coming away with a win but a draw is always possible. But I said that I’m not betting a tie for now so my mind is all over the place, just as this prediction is. For starters, The Under is the best bet to make for this matchup as the oddsmakers are showering us in dollar bills allocating the Over/Under at 3.5. It took Tottenham to score 6 goals in 4 games versus Newcastle and they struggle at home against the northerners. I want to bet the tie so bad! But maybe that indicates how I love the tie so much that it is a guaranteed loser. So Under 3.5 goals is your best bet. If this game ends in a tie, so help me god.

Under 3.5 Goals at -167 with SugarHouse

Wolves vs. Burnley

Wolves host another home game as Burnley are scheduled to come to town. Wolves are looking for their first win of the season after a Ruben Neves screamer and a Rui Patricio penalty save sealed them a tie against a fiery Manchester United. Although they were dominated in all portions of the game against United, Wolves were able to wear down the visitors fouling them 17 times in the game. Burnley took advantage of Arsenal’s mistakes throughout the game but failed to hit the target enough for Leno to make a save resulting in a 2-1 Burnley loss. Burnley had a great season opener against Southampton as they look to bring back that momentum against the Wolves.


  • Wolves have won last 4 Top Flight home games vs. Burnley
  • Burnley have not scored in 14 of last 19 away games vs. Wolves
  • Wolves are unbeaten in last 9 home games

This is a hard game to predict as Wolves are proving to everybody that they belong in the top 10 and the terrific form of Burnley are in. Burnley and Wolverhampton split their fixtures last season with both teams winning at home. Wolves won 1-0 and Burnley won 2-0. This tells me it will be a low scoring game between the sides making this week Under bets the holy grail of bets. With the Wolves playing at home, I am confident the Wolves can get away with a victory against Burnley along with the Under bet!

Wolves Money Line at -121 & Under 2.5 at -159 with SugarHouse


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