Yes, Yes. It is true. We are finding our winning ways in the Premier League as I hope I can bring you more winners as this Premier League season is almost halfway through! BUT MANCHESTER CITY PLAY LIVERPOOL!! I’m getting a little ahead of myself but last week Manchester United did not disappoint against Bournemouth, Arsenal couldn’t keep it together against the Wolves, and Leicester continue to roll on with their impressive Premier League run. And Liverpool, well let’s see if they are able to squeeze out a victory when it gets cold when the season will be winding down. Now I’m way ahead of myself. BUT WE HAVE LIVERPOOL VS. CITY FHAOAUSNDNJ!!! Give me the lines that the idiots in Vegas are providing us degenerates.

Norwich City vs. Watford

The Premier League has given us this Friday fixture so that we can end the work week on a high note so it can ease us into a thrilling weekend. Norwich played in Brighton last weekend that saw the Canaries lose 2-0 where the magic within the Norwich squad is fading, and fading fast. They let Brighton shoot 21 times where Norwich didn’t even get a shot on goal. If that isn’t troubling enough, Norwich has scored two goals in their last six fixtures in all competitions. Watford held their own ground against a fiery Chelsea squad where the Premier League’s worst lost 2-1. It’s been quite the shocking season for Watford compared to last years accomplishments but I think this will be the fixture where Watford can start saving their treaters season.


  • Norwich won 3 of last 4 league meetings vs. Watford (last win 2016)
  • Norwich have won 1 of last 48 PL games when they concede the first goal
  • Watford has 0 clean sheets in last 12 away fixtures vs. Norwich (Since 1988)

A battle between the two current worst teams in the Premier League will surely bring us a blood bathe as these players are playing for their Premier League status, and more importantly their livelihoods. Watford has some impressive results recently. Although they have yet to win, they tied Bournemouth, Tottenham and Sheffield, also putting on a good performance against Chelsea. I do think this will be the moment where Watford breakout of that 0 win column where they can gather their first three points in their campaign.

Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace

Chelsea are back in action after an extraordinary Champions League fixture versus Ajax, where the Blues took advantage of 9 man Ajax to diminish a three goal deficit. Before that craziness, the blues played last-place Watford away where they took care of business winning 1-2. Christian Pulisic is making a bigger case for himself as Hazard’s replacement as he is finally finding some minutes on Super Frank’s team. Crystal Palace are consistently becoming inconsistent game after game. They will win one game and then lose the next game, as if they were Michael Scott and his seven vasectomy’s. After losing to Manchester City 2-0, the Eagles responded well by tying Arsenal after a two goal deficit. And they were so effective that they stripped Xhaka from his captaincy. That is some serious shite.


  • Chelsea won 6 of last 8 home games vs. Palace
  • Chelsea won last 3 London derbies in the PL
  • Since 18/19 season, only Liverpool, M.City, and Chelsea have won more PL away games that Palace.

Here is the thing about Crystal Palace right now, they have trouble scoring more than two goals a game. Chelsea on the other hand, just played a high-scoring Champions League fixture against 9-man Ajax that also exposed the Blues defense. I think Chelsea will focus more on their defensive gaps against Crystal Palace before they face Manchester City two weeks later. Plus if the Over/Under at 3.5 goals, and Manchester City or Liverpool aren’t playing that game, you better hammer the under.

Leicester City vs. Arsenal

This late Saturday Premier League fixture will leave the right taste in our mouths for the big one on Sunday. But Brendan Rodgers and his foxes are thrilling to watch. He has brought in so much purpose into this squad where Rodgers is making them believe they can repeat their Premier League Championship season. A stellar second half saw the foxes take three points from Crystal Palace as they make their way back home in time for Arsenal. Arsenal, and north London in general, are losing their heads. Not only did the gunners shit the bead against Crystal Palace, but were able to do the same mistakes at home versus the Wolves. And the Wolves were dominant in that fixture. Did you see their Europa League score? Wooooooof! More like *insert failed canon noise here*.


  • Leicester won last 2 PL games vs. Arsenal
  • Leicester won last 11 home PL games / currently at 4 home wins in a row
  • Since beating City at the Etihad in 2015, Arsenal have not won any of their away PL games against teams in the top 3

This will be an exciting game. Especially since it will be played at 12.30pm EST, it won’t be too early to crack open a brew for it either. And you will need that brew to help contain some of the excitement we are about to witness. I don’t see Arsenal putting in a good performance for this fixture. However, if Ozil plays again it could be dangerous for the foxes as the former German international could regain his form and provide a magic show. But Leicester have the biggest hearted ’employees’ with Brendan Rodgers, Jamie Vardy, and Kasper Schmeichel that will lead these Foxes to victory.

Wolves vs. Aston Villa

This is one of the first Sunday fixtures, before the big one, as Aston Villa travel to Wolverhampton to face the Wolves. They are only two points separated between them, with Villa closest to the relegation zone. Aston Villa suffered a heart breaking loss against Liverpool where the players can just smack their arms to the side of their body and mutter “WTF”. It will be interesting to see how Aston Villa responds after Mane’s 94th-minute winner. That anger would have to build up for Aston Villa as they face a Wolverhampton team that has scored at least one goal in 16 of their last 17 fixtures in all competitions.


  • Wolves won 2 of last 3 league games vs. Villa
  • Aston Villa are unbeaten in last 9 top-flight away games vs. Wolves
  • Villa dropped 11 points from winning positions this season, most in the Premier League

I like this game a lot because Aston Villa is fairly strong away from home this season. They have scored goals at every away game this season except for three, including losing at the Etihad 3-0. Everything about this game screams the Over because both teams score quite regularly. But that is the exact same reason why I’ll bet the Under because that is how gambling works sometimes. You have to set the loved ones free.

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls! It is time! The time has come where we get to see one of the two best teams in all of soccer face off as the Cityzens of Manchester travel to Anfield in Liverpool where I’m sure we will see carnage, blood, heartbreak, and magic. But what would this game be without a little drama as manager Pep called Sadio Mane a diver. Mane appropriately responded that it was a ‘clever’ jab by the City manager so that the referee’s can keep a close eye on Mane. Although Pep retracted his comments, the damage has already been done. The man coached for Barcelona who are the king of divers, and most likely because of his philosophy. But it would be great to see this bite Pep in the ass because FUCK CITY. Both teams have slowed their dominance in recent games as Liverpool are starting to feel the miles that their legs are trotting and City’s last two games, in all competitions, have been less than impressive, more notably tying Atalanta 1-1 after beating them 5-1 in the Champions League.


  • Liverpool have lost 1 of their last 28 PL home games vs. City
  • City are winless in last 16 PL away games vs. Liverpool
  • Liverpool won more PL games vs. reigning champions than any other club

Liverpool are playing at Anfield. Anfield is a fortress for the Reds and are looking for their unbeaten home Premier League streak to hit 46 consecutive games. Yea, they ain’t losing. Anfield will be roaring as the crowd has that feeling of winning the Premier League saying “So you’re saying theirs a chance!”. The crowd will be involved in every tackle, every 50/50 ball, every poor referee decision; It will be a very loud atmosphere for the Cityzens. I could be louder outside the stadium as I’m sure as this is the only care, the locals have, for the world. The Liverpool Money Line is the bet to pick, but double down on the PK goal line for Liverpool as insurance just incase a draw comes out of this game, which only diminishes away the hype as the season continues.

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