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Find out how to open a betting account at PointsBet Indiana and how to claim a Free Bet from this legal sportsbook.

PointsBet made its way into Indiana this past March, just before COVID-19 canceled all sports for a period of time. Now that sports has made its return, and the NFL is starting up yet again, PointsBet is offering first-time users $100 free with a $50 deposit upon sign-up with the code FREECASH.

So, that’s exactly what I did.

I came into PointsBet as not only a brand new Indiana resident, but a fresh customer of any sports-betting website. In short, my experience was unusual, but that doesn’t mean PointsBet isn’t a good product. Here’s why PointsBet is an excellent website to dive into if you’re looking to bet on sports, and you’re a resident of Indiana.

How do I get the free bonus?

Have no fear, the instructions are here! PointsBet makes the process of registering for an account simple. Sign up at in.pointsbet.com and the page will take you to this:

There’s another sign-up page for brand-visitors of the site that will hook you in to sign up instantly. Regardless, once you click sign up, a pop-up page will appear like this:

You will continue to put in your information, and your account is ready to go! After that, you can choose how to deposit funds. Go to the top-right corner of the page and click on your email. Select Deposit Funds, and click your pay method of choice. For visuals, you should see this:

As you can see, PointsBet recommends using your online banking for security and instant depositing, but in my case, I used the money I had in PayPal, which works just as easily.

When you go to deposit the money, this screen will appear:

To earn the $100 bonus, you must deposit $50 into your account. Enter the deposit code FREECASH again to earn the bonus, and voila! $150 to play around with!

If you live in New Jersey or Iowa, you’re also eligible to play PointsBet.

How To Bet

The betting layout on PointsBet is clean and easy to navigate. The first bets you see will be the featured bets that PointsBet wants the consumer to wager on. Being based in Indiana, the wagers for any Colts games will appear first, but golf and UFC are heavily promoted on the site too.

To place a bet, all you need to do is click on the number icons, and enter the amount you want to wager. As shown below, you’ll see how much your payout will be if you get the bet right!

To deposit more money into your account, follow the same steps as above.

PointsBet has an interesting feature called Parlay, where you can bet on at least three games at once for a chance to win big bucks. Each user gets one free parlay a day, and they’re worth putting a bet in.

Here’s an example: I chose 5 random bets for who’s gonna win upcoming UFC matches. To access the quick parlay page, go to the menu on the top left side of the screen, and click on Quick Parlay. Select the bets you want to make, and then click on “Add to Betslip.” Access your betslip on the right next to your email, and select “# Leg Parlay.” Enter your wager, and then click the lightning bolt on the screen to boost your potential winnings.

The final feature of note on PointsBet is the CashOut option. If you don’t feel confident about a bet, some wagers allow this option to give you back 75% of your wager back into your account. If you’d like to withdraw all your money from your account back to your PayPal or bank account, click “Withdraw” in your account to put money back.

Is PointsBet Worth It?

As a first time user, yes it is! Unfortunately, a lot of my bets placed were voided due to many sports teams going on strike. Events like that can happen suddenly, but that doesn’t mean you lose money!

If you place a normal bet, and the game gets canceled or postponed, PointsBet will mark your bet as voided and return the money to your account. This doesn’t work for Parlay bets, so keep that in mind.

My user experience went incredibly well, but my betting skills need a lot of improvement and practice. Give it a try if you live in Indiana and you want to bet all your money on the Colts having a great season! Check it out at in.pointsbet.com and use code FREECASH for a $100 bonus on a $50 deposit.

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