The NFL once again did not disappoint as the 49ers, Titans, Chiefs and Packers all progressed to the final four. As always, big stories emerged from the sportsbooks!

The 49ers kicked off the weekend as they hosted the Minnesota Vikings in San Francisco. The Vikings hung around in the early going, but were unable to find any answers over the final 30 minutes. A strong defensive effort and effective rushing attack resulted in the 49ers cruising past the Vikings and recording a 27-10 victory.

Fanduel Sportsbook reported that one bettor wagered $50 on the 27-10 scoreline, netting $7,750 as a result.

The second game of Saturday’s slate proved to be massive for the sportsbooks. MVP favorite Lamar Jackson and his Ravens teammates took on the Titans in what was sure to be a Ravens victory, right? Wrong.

77% of the money at William Hill sportsbooks was on the Ravens -9.5. They had a more lopsided % of the money than any favorite this weekend. Tennessee carried their momentum on from their recent victory against the Patriots, and this seemed to be the game’s turning point:

The Titans won the game 28-12, much to the delight of the sportsbooks. New Jersey sportsbook PointsBet said the Titans’ outright victory resulted in a six-figure swing for its balance sheet! One bettor at MGM Sportsbook in Las Vegas even plopped down $420,000 on Baltimore’s moneyline expecting to net $100,000 profit. That went badly.

One happier bettor wagered $20,000 on the Titans at +425 and walked home with $105,000.

The Titans are now down to 13/2 to win the Super Bowl at William Hill. Fancy it?

The most entertaining game of the weekend, perhaps in years, was Sunday’s matchup between the Chiefs and Texans. The Chiefs had a flying start to the game and found themselves 21-0 up. A monumental turnaround in the second quarter resulted in a 51-31 victory for the Chiefs.

When the Chiefs were down 21-0, one bettor took the Chiefs +7.5 for $24,000. The bet was covering in less than 3 minutes, never looked back and netted $20,000!

The final game of the weekend saw Aaron Rodgers win his 10th career playoff game as the Packers defeated the Seahawks 28-23 in a closely-contested matchup.

The Packers win resulted in a big bet win at DraftKings Sportsbook. One player had $201,000 on Chiefs -2.5 and Seahawks +11 which won over $350,000.

Now we can all look forward next Sunday for Chiefs v Titans and 49ers v Packers. Anything can happen!