An Early Look at NFL Week 3 Betting Lines

After Week 2 was wrapped up with Raiders vs. Saints on Monday Night, DraftKings have now released the Week 3 lines and point spreads.


Week 3 opens up with the Jacksonville Jaguars hosting the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football.

Dolphins @ Jaguars

Point spread: Jaguars -2
Point total: 44
Moneyline: Dolphins +112, Jaguars -136

Then we’ve got our usual NFL Sunday to look forward to!

Bears @ Falcons

Point spread: Falcons -3
Point total: 48
Moneyline: Bears +140, Falcons -175

Bengals @ Eagles

Point spread: Eagles -6
Point total: 46
Moneyline: Bengals +235, Eagles -295

Texans @ Steelers

Point spread: Steelers -6
Point total: 45
Moneyline: Texans +210, Steelers -265

Raiders @ Patriots

Point spread: Patriots -6.5
Point total: 47
Moneyline: Raiders +195, Patriots -245

Rams @ Bills

Point spread: Bills -3
Point total: 45
Moneyline: Rams +135, Bills -165

49ers @ Giants

Point spread: : 49ers -4
Point total: 42
Moneyline: 49ers -210, Giants +170

Titans @ Vikings

Point spread: Titans -2
Point total: 45.5
Moneyline: Titans -130, Vikings +107

Washington @ Browns

Point spread: Browns -6
Point total: 44.5
Moneyline: Washington +225, Browns -286

Panthers @ Chargers

Point spread: Chargers -6.5
Point total: 43.5
Moneyline: Panthers +250, Chargers -315

Jets @ Colts

Point spread: Colts -9
Point total: 45
Moneyline: Jets +335, Colts -435

Cowboys @ Seahawks

Point spread: Seahawks -4.5
Point total: 55.5
Moneyline: Cowboys +180, Seahawks -225

Lions @ Cardinals

Point spread: Cardinals -5.5
Point total: 51.5
Moneyline: Lions +200, Cardinals -250

Buccaneers @ Broncos

Point spread: Buccaneers -6
Point total: 44.5
Moneyline: Bucs -265, Broncos +210

Packers @ Saints

Point spread: Saints -3.5
Point total: 51.5
Moneyline: Packers +160, Saints -195

NFL Week 3 concludes with a very exciting Monday Night Football matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens.

Chiefs @ Ravens

Point spread: Ravens -3
Point total: 52.5
Moneyline: Chiefs +133, Ravens -162

DraftKings always have lots of enticing offers available to new and existing customers as we get closer to a new NFL week, so stay tuned for these!

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