NFL Week 3 Big Bets: Bettor wins $120,000 after epic Bears comeback!

An outrageous Monday Night Football display from Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs teammates secured the win for Kansas City and wrapped up Week 3. As always, the weekend resulted in some huge betting stories – both good and bad.

The Good:

The Falcons went into Sunday’s game against the Bears as 3-point favorites, but just before kick-off Julio Jones was ruled out due to a hamstring injury. You’d think the Falcons would still have enough, but an epic fourth-quarter collapse resulted in a 30-26 win for the Bears. One bettor profited massively from the Chicago comeback after a $100,000 bet on the Bears ML – netting $120,000.

There was also a HUGE win over at DraftKings this weekend. It came in the form of a 3-leg College Football/NFL parlay:

  • Florida Gators ML
  • Tennessee Vols ML
  • Colts ML

This player at DraftKings wagered $633,686 on the parlay which won and netted $713,160 as a result.

As cross-sport parlay wins go, there was another big one over at FanDuel. One bettor wagered $1,000 on Packers ML, Chiefs ML and Miami Heat to beat the Boston Celtics in the NBA. Three great picks which resulted in a $13,134 payout!

As we see every week in the NFL, the US sportsbooks didn’t hesitate to throw some massive offers out to us. BetMGM were generous during Monday Night Football by offering new customers $2 for every point scored in the game. After a 54-point thriller, you would have earned $108 worth of free bets to spend on whatever you like. There’s bound to be another similar offer this week so stay tuned!

The Bad:

It’s not always plain sailing in the world of betting. One player at bet365 placed a $100 bet on the 5-leg parlay below. All he needed was one point in the Bengals/Eagles game for a $3,000 payout. Ouch.

Even more sickening was the bet from one player (most likely a hopeful Giants fan) over at DraftKings. Their $500,000 bet on Giants +4 lost by 21 points, not even close!

Finally, we’ve got another bettor whose day was ruined by the Eagles and Bengals. Take a look:

And that’s a wrap on Week 3 of the NFL. Check out the early lines for Week 4 as we approach Thursday Night Football and another action-packed weekend.

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