NFL Sunday’s Big Bets: Bettor wins $477,000 as Patriots defeat Dolphins!

A total of 13 NFL games took place on the first NFL Sunday of the season, resulting in some big betting wins for bettors as well as some big wins for the sportsbooks.

What do we love just as much as watching the NFL? That’s right – winning bets on the NFL!

The first NFL Sunday of the season brought with it all the usual big betting stories, both good and bad. We’re here to share with you some of these stories.

The Good

For the underdog bettors amongst us, turnaround victories for Chicago, Washington and Jacksonville brought lots of joy. Remember, Sunday’s game between the Bears and Lions was the first time that Illinois gamblers were able to bet on their own team in the state. The Bears certainly delivered for them.

One Bears fan in particular stood out as they wagered $25,000 on Chicago moneyline (+125). After a 27-23 victory over Detroit, this bettor won over $31,000.

The biggest bet of the day was placed on the Patriots (-7) to cover against the Dolphins. One bettor at BetMGM wagered $525,000 on this outcome and the Patriots won by 10 points. This bettor profited $477,000 as a result!

Elsewhere, the Patriots former-QB Tom Brady was at the heart of another major bet. Before the Buccaneers’ season opener against the Saints, someone placed $500 on this:

Brady delivered, and one happy player at FanDuel was $40,000 richer.

The Bad

It’s not always good news in the world of sports betting. One bettor at FanDuel placed this hopeful 8-leg parlay ahead of Sunday’s games and was just waiting for a Cowboys win for a major payout:

Sickening stuff. Another unfortunate player at BetMGM wagered $200,000 on the 49ers to cover (-7) against the Cardinals. Arizona pulled off a shock victory in this game, and one bettor was down $200,000 as a result.

Another big wager was placed on the Browns to cover against a strong-looking Ravens. This was a huge mistake as the Ravens went on to win by 32 points:

Making the most of your Free Bets!

There’s nothing better than winning some cash from Free Bets. This guy did exactly that:

A $100 FREE bet on the Cardinals (+245), Packers (+150) and Saints (-195) at DraftKings won $1211. What a feeling!

Inspired by these betting stories from NFL Sunday? Check out our game previews and betting picks for Steelers at Giants and Titans at Broncos as we welcome back Monday Night Football.

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