NFL Picks of the Week: 2 Picks & a Parlay for Sunday

Tony Provolone makes his tipping debut for AmericanBettingExperts with his best bets from Sunday’s NFL slate.

Hello everyone, Tony Provolone here, I am super excited to be making my blogging debut with American Betting Experts, and hopefully pick some winners for all of you! Week four of NFL Sunday poses a tougher board than we have seen over the past couple weeks. With that being said, I have isolated the few games where I think we have a chance to make a big splash. So without further ado, let’s get into Sunday’s slate:

Pick 1: Indianapolis Colts -2.5 

The Colts come into this game with a record of 2-1, after beating up on two atrocious teams, the Vikings, and most recently the Jets. Their one loss comes at the hands of another pretty bad team, the Jaguars. Meanwhile, the Bears are undefeated, and are trotting out new starting QB Nick Foles. Everyone knows Foles has the flair for the dramatic, with his historic Super Bowl run three seasons ago, and he played out of his mind once he took over for Trubisky in the second half of last week’s game. So after all of this, you must be asking, “Why would I/anyone take the Colts in this game?”, and there is one simple answer; the line makes absolutely no sense. There comes times as a sports bettor where you have to take all emotion and intuition out of your bet and just step back and look objectively. There is no reason that the undefeated Bears should be a 2.5 point underdog at home, against a seemingly inferior or equally talented Colts team. This appears to be a trap game, and for that reason alone, I will take the Colts -2.5. 

Pick 2: Los Angeles Rams -13

I know what you’re thinking. Thirteen points is a helluva lot to lay. However, the New York Football Giants may be the worst team in the NFL this season. The Rams are coming off a crushing loss to the Bills last week, where they almost made an unbelievable comeback. They already have a potent offense, and with the fuel from last week’s loss, they will look to beat up on the lowly Giants. Also, Daniel Jones ranks in the Top Ten of the league in sacks, and that number should skyrocket this week, with former DPOY Aaron Donald chasing him down. So, yes, I know thirteen points is a ton, but the Rams are home, hungry, and high-scorers. Take them.

Provolone’s Parlay: Bucs -6.5 and over 42.5

Each week I will be giving my best bet of the day, and those of you following along will have a chance to win a little extra if it hits! If there is anything I have learned in my years of sports betting, it is that you cannot bet against Tom Brady. The guy simply defies the aging process. When you lay more than six points, you want to have a veteran quarterback (Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, etc.) who you can trust to put up TDs in big moments. Justin Herbert should be able to hold his own for the first half, and there will be points, points, and more points. We’re looking at a halftime score around 21-17, but by the latter part of the game, Brady will use his experience to pull away with an easy two-score victory. 38-27 Bucs, put that in the books now! 

Good luck everyone, and remember to bet responsibly!


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