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Matt Tenby
Matt has been a writer for American Betting Experts since 2019. He loves to watch, bet on and write about soccer but is also a huge NBA and NFL fan.

Robert Hillyer provides the best prop bet picks from this weekend’s NFL Divisional Play Off schedule

We have 4 huge games in the NFL this weekend so naturally that means there are a ton of prop bets out there. Here are some of my favorites for the weekend.

Vikings v 49ers Prop Bet Picks

Lets start off with the Vikings and 49ers game. I think the absolute play of the weekend is Dalvin Cook over 3.5 receptions (-106). Vikings will be playing a tight game and the short pass is going to be a major factor in the Vikings gameplan against a stellar 49ers defense. Cook is going to have to get it done both as a runner and a receiver for them to have a shot in this one. Staying in the same game Deebo Samuel over 50.5 receiving yards (-106) and Emmanuel Sanders over 47.5 receiving yards (-112) seem way too low against a Vikings secondary that is just terrible. Both these guys could potentially break one open and beat out these receiving numbers on one reception and nobody would be surprised.

Ravens v Titans Prop Bet Picks

Moving over to the Ravens and Titans game we see that there is a a lot of juicy action going on here. Ryan Tannehill over .5 INTs (-143) is a fairly easy one to make and to be perfectly honest throwing a couple units individually on each QB to throw an interception this weekend will probably result in you making a profit but I want to look a little deeper. Lamar Jackson over 77.5 rushing yards (-118). He`s going to run. The Ravens are going to do everything in their power to give him the ability to run. The titans defense is banged up and frankly even if they were completely healthy would likely not have the ability to stop him from getting his numbers. To me this one is a lock and I wouldn’t be shocked if we see another 100 yd rushing game out of Lamar.

Texans v Chief Prop Bet Picks

We still have 2 more games to get into after all that! Looking at the Texans vs Chiefs game im loving Duke Johnson over 2.5 receptions ( -155) and Duke Johnson over 24.5 receiving yards. Arguably the most under appreciated talent that the Texans have, he has been seeing an uptick as the season have progressed especially within the passing game. I think we see him get at minimum 4-5 targets. Staying in the same game, I think we are looking at a big time performance from Kelce. With that being said, I am firing up the over 71.5 receiving yards for him at -112. Big time player, Big time stage, hopefully brings us a big time win.

Moving on to the Seahawks vs Packers game my favorite play is hands down Davante Adams over 6.5 receptions (-118). Lets be real, he is the only guy Rodgers trusts. It’s the biggest game of the season. Rodgers is going to force feed him the ball as much as possible. In the same area, Rodgers over 22.5 completions and Wilson over 20.5 completions( each -112) both seem likely to happen to me. Well those are my picks for the weekend! Hopefully they will give you some ideas and you will follow along and we will all win some cash. Best of luck!

NFL Divisional Prop Picks

Dalvin Cook over 3.5 receptions (-106)
Deebo Samuel over 50.5 receiving yards (-106)
Emmanuel Sanders over 47.5 receiving yards ( -112)
Tannehill to throw an interception (-143)
Jackson over 77.5 rushing yards ( -118)
Kelce over 71.5 receiving yards (-112)
Duke Johnson over 2.5 receptions and over 24.5 receiving yards (-155)
Davante Adams over 6.5 receptions ( -118)
Rodgers over 22.5 completions and Wilson over 20.5 completions ( -112)

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