Lamar Jackson’s Record Against Every Other NFL Team

Lamar Jackson’s record against every NFL team in his career. Which team does Jackson have the best and worst records against?

Drafted with the final pick of the first round in the 2018 NFL Draft, Louisville alum Lamar Jackson has had a Michael Vick-like impact on the NFL as the ultimate dual-threat signal caller. But what is Jackson’s all-time Record?

Starting his career behind Joe Flacco, Jackson took over on November 18, 2018, making his debut against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Now, to this point in his career, Jackson was the MVP in 2019 and has secured several other accolades, including the Heisman Trophy, Bert Bell Award, the 2019 NFL passing touchdown leader, 2x Pro Bowler, First-Team All-Pro in 2019, and more. 

Here, we’ll look at his career through the lens of his record against every NFL team. 

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Lamar Jackson’s Record Against Every NFL Team

Below is Jackson’s record against every NFL team (last updated following Week 12 matchups)

TeamRegular Season RecordPostseason Record
Arizona Cardinals2-0N/A
Atlanta Falcons1-0N/A
Baltimore Ravens N/AN/A
Buffalo Bills2-10-1
Carolina Panthers1-1N/A
Chicago BearsN/AN/A
Cincinnati Bengals8-2N/A
Cleveland Browns7-3N/A
Dallas Cowboys1-0N/A
Denver Broncos3-0N/A
Detroit Lions2-0N/A
Green Bay PackersN/AN/A
Houston Texans3-0N/A
Indianapolis Colts2-1N/A
Jacksonville Jaguars1-1N/A
Kansas City Chiefs1-3N/A
Las Vegas Raiders1-1N/A
Los Angeles Chargers3-00-1
Los Angeles Rams1-0N/A
Miami Dolphins1-2N/A
Minnesota Vikings1-0N/A
New England Patriots2-1N/A
New Orleans Saints1-1N/A
New York Giants2-0N/A
New York Jets2-0N/A
Philadelphia Eagles1-0N/A
Pittsburgh Steelers1-3N/A
San Francisco 49ers1-0N/A
Seattle Seahawks2-0N/A
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-0N/A
Tennessee Titans2-11-1
Washington Commanders1-0N/A
Ravens Lamar Jackson

Jackson Struggles Against The Steelers

As you can see above and as we’ll dig into in a later section, Jackson has performed well against the Bengals and Browns, but the Steelers have his number. He’s 1-3 against them in the regular season and has yet to face them in the postseason.

Here are the games he’s played against them:

  • Week 5, 2019 (Ravens 26, Steelers 23): 67.9% completion rate, 161 passing yards, one touchdown, three interceptions, 14 carries, 70 rushing yards
  • Week 8, 2020 (Ravens 24, Steelers 28): 46.4% completion rate, 208 passing yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions, 16 carries, 65 rushing yards. 
  • Week 13, 2021 (Ravens 19, Steelers 20): 62.2% completion rate, 253 passing yards, one touchdown, one interception, eight carries, 55 rushing yards. 
  • Week 5, 2023 (Ravens 26, Steelers 23): 57.9% completion rate, 236 passing yards, zero touchdowns, one interception, six carries, 45 rushing yards. 

As you can see, Jackson hasn’t beaten them since 2019. He’s also missed five games against them since he became the starter, and two games were played against them before he took over in 2018. 

Interestingly, Jackson hasn’t scored a rushing touchdown against them in his record. He’s also never had a positive touchdown to interception ratio. 

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Jackson Dominates Bengals

While he’s struggled against the Steelers, Jackson has dominated the Bengals. He’s 8-2 against them, and they’ve never met in the postseason. 

In his career against them, Jackson has completed 152 of 246 passes (61.8% completion rate) for 1,834 yards, 14 touchdowns, and four interceptions. He’s been sacked 11 times.

He last lost to the Bengals on October 24, 2021. They lost 41-17. Jackson completed less than 50% of his passes for 257 yards, one touchdown, and ran for 88 yards on 12 carries. Most recently, Jackson helped the Ravens to a 34-20 victory in Week 11 of the 2023/2024 season.

Jackson Dominates Bengals

Jackson’s Record Against The Chiefs

Like the Steelers, Jackson has also struggled against the Chiefs. He’s 1-3 against them all-time. 

To be fair, who hasn’t struggled against the Chiefs throughout their career besides Joe Burrow

The only time he beat them was on September 19, 2021. They won in a thrilling matchup, 36-35 in Baltimore. Jackson had 239 passing yards, one touchdown, and two picks but ran for 107 yards on 16 carries for two touchdowns.

The win against them was their most recent matchup. The losses came in 2018, 2019, and 2020, during the peak of the Chiefs success.

All-time against the Chiefs, Jackson has competed for 56.2% of his passes for 750 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions, and has 303 rushing yards on 47 tries for three scores. 

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Jackson’s Record Against Browns

He’s 7-3 against the Bengals and has the same record against the Browns, another division opponent. 

To be fair, the Browns have been wildly up and down throughout the last few years, during the height of Baker Mayfield and as he got worse and injured, and from there, the Browns had been searching for a quarterback before signing a fully guaranteed deal with Deshaun Watson. 

During his career, Jackson has played ten games. Against them, he’s completed 67.5% of his passes for 1,813 yards, 14 touchdowns, and eight interceptions and has run for 597 yards on 103 carries for six touchdowns. The Browns have managed to sack him 21 times, which is the most he’s been sacked by an opponent, with the Steelers in second place with 20. 

Jackson did play in a game against the Browns, and they lost 24-22, but he attempted four passes before getting injured. 

Jackson’s Record

Jackson Hasn’t Played Against Three Teams

In addition to the Ravens, of course, Jackson has yet to play the Packers and Bears. 

Looking ahead to the rest of the 2023-24 NFL season from Week 10 and on, Jackson will have to wait at least another season before playing either. Neither the Bears nor the Packers are on the schedule for the remainder of the season.

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