Sports Betting Q&A with Pro Handicapper Joey ‘Roast Beef’

We sat down with pro sports betting handicapper Joey ‘Roast Beef’ to discuss his sports betting journey and the current online sports betting landscape in the US.

With years of experience in the sports betting industry, we talk with New Jersey-based Joey ‘Roast Beef’ about his experience with sports betting and its recent rise in popularity as online sports betting has expanded into new American markets.

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Q: How did you get into sports betting?

Joey: Sports betting has always been in the bloodline. At the age of 8, my brother set up a roulette table in our family home and so I was aware of how to play basic casino table games from an early age and enjoyed playing them.

I also had the Caesars Nintendo game which I used to love playing. As I got older, I enjoyed playing pool and realised I was actually very good at it. I took it upon myself to play friends and family at pool for money, which made me realise from an early age that, if you use a skill correctly, you can profit from it. Even playing Monopoly for money on a Saturday night was a staple of our family life at home.

It was at College that I opened my eyes to the sports side of betting and began to educate myself on exactly how to bet on sports. Over time, I grew into the sports betting world and now find myself as a pro handicapper!

Q: Sports betting online has grown in popularity since its full legalization in New Jersey a few years ago. Did that have an impact on your passion for it?

Joey: I’ve always been a Twitter guy, getting enjoyment out of talking to like-minded people with an interest in College Football and NFL. However, before the complete legalization of online sports betting it was all about making myself some money through sports betting.

Once legalization came into play, I realised I can actually make other people money by talking with them about sports betting. My passion for it definitely got stronger and I started a podcast with my buddy. We’ve put the podcast to one side for now but I’m as passionate as I’ve ever been about sports handicapping.

Q: What is your favorite sport to bet on? Does this coincide with your favorite sport to watch?

Joey: For me, College Football is the best sport to watch. But it’s definitely harder to bet on than NFL as it doesn’t really line up with my number-oriented strategy to betting.

NFL is definitely my number 1 sport to bet on. In 15 years, I haven’t had a losing season in NFL betting!

Q: What motivates you to bet on sports on a regular basis for all these years?

Joey: It’s definitely the social aspect of sports betting. I love chatting to the sports betting community as we approach a new week of Football and hearing about everyone’s picks and predictions.

There’s also something great about having lots of knowledge about a field you are passionate about. That motivates me every day.

Q: Which legal online sportsbooks are your favorite, and why?

Joey: I am based in New Jersey, so there are a wide variety of legal online sportsbooks available for me to use. For now, I stick to DraftKings and FanDuel.

I love DraftKings for its interface and its promos. The interface is slick and easy to use, and the promos offered always seem to be best suited to the bets I like to make.

I really like using FanDuel because they tend to leave lines up for a short time after injuries are announced, so I just pound money on to try and profit.

Q: Do you think people are more welcoming to the existence of sports betting now than they were let’s say 10 years ago? Has the stigma associated with it changed in this time?

Joey: The stigma attached to sports betting as a concept is definitely decreasing drastically year on year. There are now loads of ads on game time TV and at the games. All of the sports betting messaging comes with responsibility messages which helps for sure.

I think there will always be a stigma around sports betting but people are definitely coming round to the idea. Five years ago I don’t think I’d even bring it up to people out with the betting community. Now, people bring it up to me!

Q: Have you experienced any notable big wins in your life as a sports bettor?

Joey: I haven’t experienced anything which has put me over the top. However, 2018 was my year. I consistently won big that season with over 70% success rate with my bets.

2018 was a freak year, but I have consistently been sitting at 55% to 60% win rate through the course of my career. I’m definitely in the green.

Q: How are you enjoying the new NFL season? Have you noticed any improvements in terms of product quality at the online sportsbooks?

Joey: Last year I remember lots of the apps crashed in Week 1, which is madness considering the sportsbooks should be prepared for their busiest period of the year.

I’ve noticed an improvement this year. There were very minor glitches in Week 1 but nothing since. Overall, I’d say there have been minor improvements but still room to improve further.

Q: Let’s hear your standout pick for Week 4 of the NFL

Joey: My Roast Beef special of the week comes from Baltimore at Denver on Sunday. Denver is underrated in public perception for sure. Their defense is 2nd in the league in yards per play this season, while Baltimore is 5th last in the league.

Baltimore were 98% expectancy to lose the two recent games that they won and managed to turn them both round miraculously. But I don’t expect them to continue the trend on Sunday. They can’t ride this wave for much longer.

The Broncos are dealing with injuries, I get that. But I’d go to war with their three receivers. The fact that Teddy Bridgewater is so good against the blitz too will work in Denver’s favor.

My pick for Week 4 is Denver -1 (-110 at DraftKings)

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