How to Bet on EPL in the US: Our Complete Guide to Betting on the English Premier League

Looking for the details on how to bet on the EPL in the US? You’ve come to the right place with our complete guide on how to bet on the English Premier League!

The soccer season is back. And we don’t just mean the MLS and summer friendlies. With all due respect to these fixtures, most of us who are passionate about soccer are relishing the return of elite soccer competitions. Like the UEFA Champions League and the English Premier League.

Or, you may simply be a soccer bettor who likes to wager on stuff close to you. With MLS teams and the USMNT on your doorstep, that might be your boundaries.

How to Bet on the EPL in the US?

Well, either way, we’re here to widen your horizons. There’s LOADS more to soccer betting than just American soccer betting. Here’s our complete guide to how to bet on the EPL in the US, from English Premier League betting markets to our top tips.

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What is the English Premier League?

Also referred to as the EPL, the English Premier League is the top tier of English football. Many deem the EPL the best soccer league in the world. However, there is no denying that it is the most-watched.

In recent years, the money circulating the EPL has been astronomical. As a result, the biggest names in world football have joined clubs in England on monster wages.

There are 20 clubs in the EPL, with the bottom three relegated each year and replaced by three from the English Championship (England’s second tier).

Manchester City are the current English Premier League champions. Each season, every team plays 38 matches (19 at home and 19 away) from August to May.

Manchester City US

So, let’s deep dive into how to bet on EPL and the available English Premier League betting markets!

How to Bet the Moneyline

Probably the most common EPL betting market, the moneyline is simple. It involves predicting the outcome of a match, with the three outcomes being:

  • Home team to win
  • Draw
  • Away team to win

Money line bets are always settled after regular time only (90 minutes plus injury time). Although, every English Premier League game is this length so that makes things easy!

A Moneyline Example

Let’s look at Everton vs Chelsea as our EPL example.

EPL Moneyline Betting

These are the odds that you will be greeted with at DraftKings Sportsbook. The odds above are for moneyline bets on Everton vs Chelsea. Here are the returns that you would get on each bet:

$10 pays $44$10 pays $37.50$10 pays $17.69

As shown in the table, Chelsea are clearly favorites due to their low payout compared to the $44 payout if you bet on Everton.

So, how to bet on EPL moneylines? All you would do is navigate to the ‘English Premier League’ section within the soccer category at your chosen online sportsbook. The odds that you are faced with instantly are the EPL moneyline odds.

How to Bet Draw No Bet

Ok, so now click within the EPL game of your choice. You will be exposed to loads of betting markets, not just money line bets.

Next on the list at most sportsbooks will be the ‘Draw No Bet’ market. This is simply money line betting, but with the ‘Draw’ outcome removed.

So, instead of betting on the home team, the draw, or the away team, you are betting on home or away at lower odds. If the match ends in a draw, your wager will be refunded and you won’t win or lose anything. It’s basically a lower-risk alternative to EPL moneyline betting.

How to Bet Total Goals: Over or Under?

Do you like to bet on the Overs? Or have you pinpointed a game which you expect to be low-scoring? Either way, betting on total goals sounds like it’s right up your street.

Let’s go back to the Everton vs Chelsea example. Here are the total goals odds:

Total Goals Betting EPL

Let’s break down what each of the above betting options mean:

BetWill My Bet Win?
Over 1.5 GoalsIf there are 2 or more goals in 90 minutes
Over 2.5 GoalsIf there are 3 or more goals in 90 minutes
Over 3.5 GoalsIf there are 4 or more goals in 90 minutes
Under 1.5 GoalsIf there is 1 goal or less in 90 minutes
Under 2.5 GoalsIf 2 or less goals are scored in 90 minutes
Under 3.5 GoalsIf 3 or less goals are scored in 90 minutes

And the list goes on. You get the idea! Obviously, Under 5.5 goals is the lowest odds (-20000) because English Premier League matches will rarely result in more than 5 goals. Similarly, Over 0.5 goals at -4000 is highly likely as there is normally at least one goal in every fixture.

Over/Under 2.5 goals is where you will see the closest odds difference. This is because the majority of games result in between two and three goals being scored in regular time.

At most online sportsbooks, you can even bet on the Over/Under in the first half or the second half only.

How to Bet on Correct Score

Once again, if you click into your chosen fixture then you will be welcomed with plenty of ‘correct score’ wagering options.

This is exactly what you think it is. You’re betting on the score of your chosen EPL game. Here are the ‘correct score’ outcomes that you can bet on for Everton vs Chelsea:

How to Bet on EPL

Now, you’re probably thinking “that’s tough to predict the exact score of the game”. That’s the point! It is pretty impressive if you can predict the correct score, hence why the betting odds are pretty high in this market.

Bet 4:3 (+13000), I dare you.

Double Chance Betting

This one is also quite self-explanatory. You are giving yourself double the chance to win.

Double Chance betting involves combining two moneyline outcomes into one bet. It is suited to matches where you believe that an underdog will shock their opponents, as it gives you a safer option rather than just betting on the underdog to win.

In our Everton vs Chelsea example, Everton are the underdogs. So, here are the Double Chance odds compared to the normal money line odds mentioned earlier.

Moneyline Odds:

  • Everton to Win +340
  • Draw +275
  • Chelsea to Win -130

Double Chance Odds:

  • Everton or Draw +110
  • Everton or Chelsea -370
  • Chelsea or Draw -475

How to Bet the Spread / EPL Handicap Betting

This type of English Premier League betting is basically the same as NFL point spreads or NHL puck line betting. Again, the best way to explain this is with our example:

HandicapWill My Bet Win?
Chelsea -1If Chelsea win by more than 1 goal (2-0, 4-2 etc.)
Chelsea -2If Chelsea win by more than 2 goals (3-0, 4-1 etc.)
Everton +1If Everton win or draw
Everton +2If Everton avoid losing by two goals or more (2-1, 1-2 etc.)

This is your simple handicap betting, also known as betting the spread. However, we can dive a little deeper into how to bet on the EPL handicap system by looking at Asian Handicap markets as well.

How to Bet EPL Asian Handicap:

Asian Handicap betting introduces fractions of 0.25 and 0.75 to the spread. your wager is then split between the two closest half numbers with the same odds.

This is a confusing one, so let’s go back to our example for clarity.

Let’s say you bet $10 on Chelsea +0.25 goals. This means that you’re actually betting $5 on Chelsea +0 (moneyline) and $5 on Chelsea +0.5 (to win or draw). If Chelsea win, you win both parts of your bet. Or, if it’s a draw, you would win the +0.5 bet. Finally, if Everton win, you lose both parts of the wager.

To Win to Nil Betting

Do you think that there will be a win by shutout? Maybe one team has an incredible goalkeeper between the sticks. Or the opposing team are struggling with injuries to their strikers.

This is where to win to nil betting comes in handy. The moneyline odds will be elevated if you choose a team ‘to win to nil’. This is expected, as it is much harder to win by shutout than to simply win.

For example, Chelsea’s moneyline odds of -130 may become +250 to win by shutout. A decent payout for keeping a clean sheet!

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How to Bet Half Time / Full Time

Just like all of the above, this is easy to find in the EPL betting markets.

Here, you are effectively wagering on what you expect the outcome to be at both half time and full time. At higher odds than the moneyline, of course!

EPL Betting Futures

As you probably know, there’s more to EPL betting than simply individual fixtures. You can place a bet that may not win or lose until the end of the season!

Here are some of the most popular EPL futures options:

  • Top Goalscorer (Player)
  • Team to win the League
  • Team to Qualify for the Champions League
  • Team to be Relegated
  • Team to Finish Top 10

And that’s only the beginning. There really is something for everyone at the online sportsbooks when it comes to betting on the English Premier League.

How to Bet on the EPL: Our Top Tips

Ok, so you’ve probably learnt lots about how to bet on EPL in the US (we hope!). Now, here’s our top EPL betting tips for you to consider when making your bets. Nothing revolutionary, just advice.

1. Consider midweek European fixtures

The league’s top clubs will be balancing midweek European matches alongside weekend EPL fixtures. This can influence how you bet on the EPL.

For example, Manchester United may play on a Wednesday night in Azerbaijan, followed by a weekend fixture against fierce rivals Liverpool. The jet lag from this big trip across Europe may prove detrimental to Manchester United and work in Liverpool’s favor. Always think smart with this kind of thing!

2. Do your ‘shopping around’

Literally all of the online sportsbooks in the US offer EPL sports betting. So why not take a look around for the best odds?

For example, you may get -130 odds at DraftKings but BetMGM is offering -110 odds. Get yourself to BetMGM instead!

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3. Check for injuries and suspensions

Injuries and suspensions can have a major influence on the outcome of EPL matches. If a player gets a red card, they will most likely be unavailable for selection for the next two games.

Injuries are more unpredictable. However, regardless of whether a star player is suffering from the flu or a broken leg, if they’re out then they’re out. It is up to you to take this information and decide just how much it is going to affect the outcome of your chosen game.

4. Focus your research

If someone tells you that they know how to bet on every EPL team in the league and that they know everything about every player, they’re lying. Simple as that.

You are never going to know everything about every team, player or betting market. Find a betting market that you are confident and comfortable with. Focus your research and focus your bets.

Where Can You Bet on the EPL?

English Premier League betting is available at all online sportsbooks in the US. If you are not yet signed up to any listed below, then give them a try by clicking ‘Claim’.

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