2023 Giants Join An Unwanted List After Losing 40-0 in Season Opener

A 40-0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1 means that the New York Giants have made some unwanted history early in the 2023 NFL season.

Sunday, September 10. A date marked in the calendar of many Giants fans as a living nightmare. Where do you start?

It is easy to begin with comments on the quarterback, Daniel Jones. He was sacked seven times and hit on several more occasions. However, he was not given much support from fellow Giants teammates as he desperately tried to change the course of the game.

Charged with five fumbles, the Giants could not catch a break. Not to mention one of the worst possible starts as a blocked field goal resulted in a 58-yard touchdown for Dallas.

Six scoring successes resulted in a final result of 40-0. Dallas headed home in celebration, with the Giants squad in turmoil.

Giants Join An Unwanted List…

The disastrous 40-0 defeat was the eighth time in NFL history that a team has lost a 40+ point shutout in a season opener.

These are the eight occasions in the history of the NFL:

YearLosing TeamLost To?Final Score
1929Dayton TrianglesProvidence Steam Rollers41-0

What Does It Mean for the Giants?

Yes, it is hugely disappointing. But the Giants have multiple games to bounce back in.

For reference, the previous seven losing teams in Week 1 went 3-4 in their Week 2 games. Of those seven, the 1991 Lions reached the NFC Title game and the 1989 Steelers reached the AFC Divisional Round.

Giants fans, there is time to resolve teething issues in 2023.

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