The quickest way to get casino winnings out of your casino and into your hand!

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We outline the fastest and most convenient way of getting your winnings from your casino into your hand.

See a list of our casino partners who provide their own Play+ Cards

Online casino games are rapidly growing in popularity at the moment due to the closure of all casinos and the cancelation of all sporting events across America. New Jersey residents are unable to make trips to the bank and aren’t likely to be withdrawing cash from ATMs. This is where Play+ comes in.

What is a Play+ Card?

Play+ is ‘the cashless way to play’ – a card which holds funds virtually in a FDIC insured bank account. Each casino has their own Play+ Card, which can be used to fund your favorite online casino games and withdraw casino winnings.

A lot of people prefer not to use their own banks to fund their online gambling and would rather have an alternative to online wallets like PayPal. Similarly, a number of casinos and sportsbooks do not allow funding from credit cards and certain banks. This is why Play+ is great, as it offers players an accepted alternative to fund their casino games.

Why should I get a Play+ Card?

One simple reason. Quick access to your wins. If you win at an online casino you have to make a withdrawal to your bank, your PayPal account or your debit card and it can takes ages. Not only will you potentially have to wait a week for your funds to appear (during which team they are neither in the casino nor in your account) but there is also the option of cancelling the withdrawal and re-adding all of the funds back to your account. This can be too tempting for some gamblers.

A Play+ Card will let you withdraw the money instantly (it’ll be there in an hour) and then you can go to the ATM and withdraw however much you want in cash and put it in your pocket. Or you can use it to buy something online – even toilet paper!

If you want to put some back into the casino then that’s your choice, but you can do it with just a fraction of what you have withdrawn and whenever you choose. You won’t be forced to cancel or reverse the withdrawal as it’s now your money.

What are the other benefits of a Play+ Card?

In addition to the main benefit of getting quick access to your online casino wins, having your own Play+ Card has even more advantages. Owning a Play+ Card means that you don’t need to pay high ATM or winnings fees. Instead, you can simply cash-out by uploading game winnings directly to the Play+ account.

Safety and security are important to all of us too, which is what you are guaranteed with a Play+ Card. There is no need to carry physical cash around if you have the card and Play+ accounts are protected by the FDIC with 24/7 monitoring. The Play+ Card is also prepaid, so you can stay in control of your money.

A Play+ Card isn’t just good for online casino games. When sport returns, Play+ can also be used to withdraw or spend any winnings earned from sports betting.

How do I get a Play+ Card?

To get your own Play+ Card, simply sign up from your online casino account. You will be able to sign up and order your card from the ‘My Account’ section. When signing up, you will be asked to verify your address and confirm your identity. With instant approval, your new Play+ Card will be linked to your existing casino player account. There is no credit check required. As soon as you add funds you can go play, even before your personalized Play+ Card arrives in the mail.

How do I fund my Play+ Card?

You can transfer funds to and from your Play+ account at any time online or with your mobile phone. You can add funds to your account 24/7 using a number of methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Checking account
  • Cash, chips or tickets at any participating casino

Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® cards are all accepted for funding your Play+ account. Play+ load and balance limits vary by program. The standard maximum amount of funds you can load to your account is $2,000 per day, $4,500 per week and $10,000 per month. However, if you win a Jackpot, most Play+ programs will allow your casino operator to load up to your card’s maximum balance limit.

VIP Play+ programs with higher limits may be available for qualified players, but you should speak with your casino operator to find out more about this.

How do I withdraw from my Play+ Card?

You can withdraw from your Play+ account at any time, 24/7. The main thing is that you can withdraw and have your funds in minutes! Similar to funding your Play+ Card, there are a number of ways to withdraw:

  • Using your Play+ Card in a store or at an ATM
  • Online at your Play+ cardholder website (Borgata, DraftKings etc.)
  • Using your casino’s mobile app
  • In-person at casino cashier’s cage

Where can I spend funds in my Play+ account?

Your Play+ Card can be used to make purchases at merchants everywhere Discover® is accepted. Additionally, your card may be used to withdraw cash at ATMs nationwide, everywhere the PULSE and NYCE networks are accepted. As already mentioned, your Play+ Card can also be used at your casino (online or offline) to fund your favorite casino games.

Can I load Jackpots to Play+?

While each program is different, the standard Play+ program allows your casino operator to load up to $25,000 in Jackpot winnings to your Play+ account. Your money transfers instantly, and is immediately available for use.

Where can I use my Play+ Card?

Here is a list of some gaming entities that work with Play+ to provide their own unique cards:

So, for a quick, convenient and safe method of withdrawing and spending your casino winnings, Play+ is definitely the way forward. Sign up today at your favorite online casino site and start reaping the rewards!

See a list of our casino partners who provide their own Play+ Cards

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