DraftKings Same Game Parlay Rules & Winning Formula

DraftKings Same Game Parlay Rules, how to place a DraftKings SGP and how to give yourself the best chance of winning on game day.

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‘Turn any game into the big game’ – that’s the famous DraftKings Same Game Parlay motto.

DraftKings Same Game Parlays (also known as SGPs) offer a new dimension to online sports wagering. They allow you to combine multiple betting outcomes from the same game into one parlay bet.

We will deep-dive into the DraftKings SGP world and explain the rules surrounding this type of wagering, the various SGP options at your disposal, and how you can make the most of them to hopefully win some decent money.

DraftKings Same Game Parlay Rules

The rules of DraftKings Same Game Parlays are similar to the rules of any parlay wagering in the sports betting world. However, rather than wagering on multiple games or events in one bet (a parlay), SGPs give you the chance to wager on multiple events or outcomes in the same game.

As with standard parlays, if all of your selected outcomes win, you win your bet. You will be rewarded with amplified odds as a result. If a single leg of your Same Game Parlay loses, your whole bet is a loser.

When it comes to which sport you are more interested in betting on, the DraftKings Same Game Parlay Rules are pretty flexible. You can wager on NFL Same Game Parlays, NBA Same Game Parlays, MLB Same Game Parlays and even Soccer Same Game Parlays.

Let’s take an NFL DraftKings SGP as an example. You can combine a number of outcomes into your wager from the same game, such as:

  • The point spread for one team
  • The total points spread for the game
  • A money line bet for one team
  • A game proposition bet e.g. first team to score 20 points
  • A team prop bet e.g. team total
  • A bet focusing on a quarter or half of the game

DraftKings SGP Rules do not allow you to include some betting markets in your Same Game Parlay. However, these are often the more obscure betting markets, or an outcome which may clash with an outcome that you have already selected.

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Same Game Parlay at DraftKings: An Example

One of the best things about Same Game Parlays at DraftKings is that you can add more excitement to Thursday Night Football or Monday Night Football, when there is only one game being played.

As you are unable to parlay different games on Thursdays and Mondays, SGPs are perfect.

Example: Steelers at Vikings for Thursday Night Football

First, hit the toggle button for ‘Same Game Parlay’ (in green below):

DraftKings Same Game Parlay Rules

This button looks similar on both desktop and mobile. Once the button has been switched ‘on’, you will be presented with a number of betting markets to combine and create your perfect wager.

According to the DraftKings Same Game Parlay Rules, you will have to choose a minimum of two game outcomes to create an eligible SGP. Here is an example:

DraftKings Same Game Parlay Rules

As shown above, Minnesota Vikings to win the game, Steelers to reach 5 points first and the 2nd half to be the highest scoring half comes in at (+650). A solid bet which can keep you entertained during various points in the game.

How to Place a Same Game Parlay at DraftKings

For a more simple step-by-step explanation, here is how to place a DraftKings SGP:

  • Find a game with the +SGP icon in the top-left corner that you want to create a parlay for, as shown below
Same Game Parlay at DraftKings
  • Toggle the ‘Same Game Parlay’ button on to reveal the available SGP betting options
  • Choose your bets from the same game to build your DraftKings SGP – the more outcomes you combine, the more you could win
  • After choosing your bets, add your Same Game Parlay to your bet slip, enter your wager amount and submit!

Where Else Can I Bet on Same Game Parlays?

Some sportsbooks may refer to Same Game Parlays as One Game Parlays, like at BetMGM. They are the same thing.

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Finding the Winning Formula with DraftKings Same Game Parlays

Simply put, the more legs you add to your SGP, the higher your odds and potential payout will become. If you are looking to really increase your payout, some options such as ‘overtime to occur’ will shoot your odds up.

If you are looking for the winning formula then it is worth noting that the sportsbooks have definitely profited more from SGPs than the average bettor. This is because bettors tend to turn to Same Game Parlays as a long shot, ‘stab in the dark’ bet to win a huge potential sum of money. These very rarely pay off.

Instead, look for Same Game Parlay options with lower odds attached. This still adds an element of fun and entertainment to the game you are watching, without effectively throwing your bankroll down the drain.

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Another top tip would be to not get carried away and add 10 legs to your Same Game Parlay. Keep the number of outcomes low (perhaps 4 or 5 outcomes) and you will have a much better chance of winning!

There is so much more to explore as a sports bettor at DraftKings Sportsbook. To learn more about teaser betting at DraftKings, click here!

Looking for another popular sportsbook to try your Same Game Parlays at? Click here to read about BetMGM’s One Game Parlays or Caesars’ Same Game Parlays.

DraftKings Same Game Parlay Not Working?

Is your DraftKings Same Game Parlay function not working? Well, all you have to do is visit the DraftKings help section to get this fixed.

DraftKings has great support options on its site. This will help you if you ever encounter any issues in the future.

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