DraftKings Offering ‘Flash Bet’ to Tennis Fans During US Open

The US Open began this week and Tennis fans have the opportunity to engage in every minute of action with DraftKings’ unique ‘Flash Bet’ market.

DraftKings Sportsbook has a well-earned reputation in the US for being the first to market with new and innovative sports betting technology. Their new ‘Flash Bet’ option for the US Open is another impressive addition to the betting scene.

Flash Bet allows Tennis bettors to place live, in-game wagers quickly between points in a given match. Once bettors place their wagers via the Flash Bet tab on the mobile or online DraftKings Sportsbook, they will be able to view a timeline of their bet’s results and receive payouts just seconds after the play is over.

To get to the Flash Bet section of the DraftKings site or app, just go to the US Open tab and choose it from the drop-down menu:

Great, now you’re at the Flash Bet section. As seen below, embedded match graphics will show the ball as it moves across the court in real-time with descriptions of the service, points won and court type. You can input your preferred wager amount for each point and DraftKings will tell you how much you will be paid per point.

Flash Bet is available across all Tennis tournaments at the moment, including the US Open, Prague Open and Ostrava Open.

Click here to ‘Flash Bet’ on the Tennis at DraftKings.

The product is currently exclusive to live tennis wagering as DraftKings remains dedicated to enhancing every moment on the court into an elevated fan experience. If you love betting on Tennis then this is the best experience available!

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