Without Matt Stafford the Lions have less than 1% chance of winning Super Bowl 2022. With Aaron Rodgers they have an 11.1% chance say Betting Analysts

Matt Stafford is leaving the Lions and their hopes of winning the Super Bowl seem dead but if Aaron Rodgers came to Detroit then analysts say that things could change dramatically

Matthew Stafford’s announcement that he wants to leave Detroit has seen the Lions rated as a less than 1% chance to win the 2022 Super Bowl.

However, should the Lions manage to replace Stafford with Aaron Rodgers or a similarly experienced Quarterback then those odds would reduce dramatically and the implied percentage chance of them winning could go as high as 11.1% according to analysts www.americanbettingexperts.com

Stafford leaving saw the Lions stock fall dramatically and they are currently bottom of the NFL in implied percentage chance of winning next year’s Super Bowl at 0.91%, however, a move for Rodgers could change that.

The Green Bay Quarterback is the highest rated of all potentially available this summer and that means that him joining the Lions would have a huge impact, particularly if joined by a supporting cast similar to that Tom Brady assembled in Tampa.

However, it’s worth noting that Detroit Lions may still not be happy, with over 66% saying they would NOT want Rodgers to join.

It should be noted that not all were against the controversial move, with Twitter user Kirch35 stating:

“Anyone who says no is dumb and doesn’t care about the Lions winning.”

AmericanBettingExperts.com analyst Neil Roarty said of the situation:

“Matt Stafford made it clear he wouldn’t stay in Detroit and train his successor and that was a hammer blow to the Lions Super Bowl win percentage chances, but a move for Aaron Rodgers could see them make the biggest ratings rise of any franchise this off-season and it’s not as wild as some people are suggesting.

Like Tom Brady, the Packers Quarterback might want to have a last throw of the dice at another franchise before bowing out and if he signs then the Lions will move alongside the Bills, Bucs and Packers as the biggest rivals to Kansas City.”

Current Super Bowl 2022 Win Percentage Chance

Kansas City Chiefs – 16.7%
Green Bay Packers – 11.8%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 10%
Buffalo Bills – 10%
Baltimore Ravens – 7.7%
Cleveland Browns – 5.9%
Detroit Lions – 0.91%

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