Build your bet with BetMGM Parlay Generator

BetMGM parlay generator gives you the chance to build a bet randomly by simply setting the desired odds per selection and overall winnings.

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Want to place a sports parlay but not sure what to bet on? BetMGM are here to help you build your bet so you don’t have to.

As a sports bettor at BetMGM, you have access to BetMGM’s popular sports parlay generator. This is a feature of the BetMGM site and app which lets you determine the odds per selection and total winnings, and BetMGM will then get to work on building your bet.

Here’s what the BetMGM parlay generator looks like:

betmgm parlay generator

As you can see, BetMGM allows you to choose odds per selection (in this case we have gone for between -250 and +100). You are also able to choose what you would like your winnings to be more than. You can then add a selection (if applicable) and re-spin the parlay generator to parlay possible combinations.

In this case, BetMGM has created a 2-leg parlay of Hawks +7.5 and Clippers +1.5. Both selections are within the chosen odds per selection and meet the winnings boundary set by us.

Essentially, you are being given the opportunity to create your own betting odds and state your desired winnings without the effort of studying the day’s basketball, baseball or football slates. The BetMGM parlay generator is the perfect solution for a sports bettor who enjoys the thrill of betting without having to spend time examining the betting markets.

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BetMGM Sports


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How does a parlay bet work?

A parlay in sports betting is when a bettor chooses multiple bets and combines them into the same bet. As a result, the potential winnings of your bet multiply.

A parlay bet has its positives and negatives. Of course, if any of the bets in your parlay fail to hit then the entire bet is a loser. However, if all of your selections hit then you receive an even bigger payout than you would have done with several single bets.

Parlay bets offer an exciting dynamic to sports betting and can always make game-day more enticing.

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