Best Super Bowl Commercials of all Time

Let’s take a look back at some of the finest, most costly, and controversial Super Bowl commercials of all time and what we may expect for this year’s.

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The Super Bowl draws around or more than 100 million viewers each year. Now, let’s do some basic math – over 272 regular season games, there was an average of 16.7 million viewers.

So, if we use subtraction, approximately 83 million, more fans watch the game. Within that group are hardcore NFL fans, casual fans, halftime show supporters, and those who only want to see the commercials. 

As you’re likely aware, the NFL Super Bowl commercials are some of the most outrageous. Both good and bad.

Here, we’re going to look back at some of the most recognizable ones. From expensive to controversial, and some of the biggest brands we can expect this year. 

Let’s check out some commercials. 

super bowl commercials best of all time

Cost To Run Super Bowl Ads

Heading into Super Bowl 56 last year, an NBC Executive reported that the average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial was between $6.5 and $7 million. This works out to about $233k per second. On top of this, some of the more expensive commercials cost anywhere from $14.4 million to $16.8 million. 

Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials

Get this – two commercials tied for the most expensive came in the same year. 

These ads came from Amazon and Google for their “Before Alexa” and “Loretta” campaigns in 2020.

Both commercials lasted 90 seconds and cost $16.8 million each. 

The Amazon commercial’s premise was based on what people did before Alexa, whereas the Google ad was extremely emotional. This ad showed an elderly man using Google Assistant to assemble the memories of his wife, who had passed away. Who remembers it?

Google Assistant Super Bowl Ad

Most Controversial Super Bowl Commercials Ever

We’ll be fair. when it comes to controversial Super Bowl commercials, the controversy, to us anyway, isn’t that bad. 

However, during a one-minute commercial in the 2019 Super Bowl, there was a Hyundai commercial featuring actor Jason Bateman bringing people down on an elevator to what is recognized as “not-so-fun events”. These included a root canal, jury duty, and one for a vegan dinner party where Bateman asked, “is that even a thing?” with one of the actors acting disgusted by the food presented.

Jason Bateman Hyundai Commercial

It was meant to be comical, but apparently, this angered those who were vegan. 

The year before this, there was another car commercial, but this time for Ram Trucks. The one-minute commercial featured a narration that was a speech Dr. Martin Luther King made. People online were angered by the ad because it’s unlikely that Dr. King made any of his speeches to advertise cars – especially this one. After all, that same speech supposedly included Dr. King criticizing car advertising. Interesting, huh? 

Brands to Expect in Super Bowl 57 Commercials

As we get closer to the Super Bowl in 2023, what brands can we expect to see advertize some products?

Let’s take a look.

  • Pepsi: The ad will be based around Pepsi Zero and giving away 10 million drinks. 
  • Doritos: The ad will feature Grammy-nominated singer Jack Harlow. 
  • Rémy Cointreau: In its first-ever Super Bowl ad, this alcohol brand will be taking advantage of the Anheuser-Busch exclusive alcohol beverage exclusivity expiring after 33 years. 
  • There will be a 30-second commercial in the fourth quarter. 
  • Crown Royal: This will be a 30-second ad in the third quarter. 
  • FanDuel: This is a live ad with Rob Gronkowski kicking a field goal. Players will get a share of $10 million in free bets if he makes it. 
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Now that we know some of the brands we can expect, what about brands that won’t be there?

  • Coca-Cola
  • Carmax
  • Carvana
  • Vroom
  • Toyota

Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

Throughout the years, there have been several memorable Super Bowl ads, ranging from comedy to heartfelt. The tone of these ads throughout the night of the game creates its unique experience.

While any list for this is subjective, these are five of the best Super Bowl commercials to air during the big game. 

  1. Snickers (2010): Featuring the late, great Betty White, this commercial started the catchphrase for Snickers “you’re not you when you’re hungry.” This commercial was hilarious in seeing White run around a backyard football game and take brutal tackles.
  2. Apple (1984): Debuting the MacIntosh Computer, this commercial was monumental not only because Ridley Scott directed it but also because of the George Orwell “1984” undertones. This concept was perfect as Scott directed Blade Runner, which came out just a year before this commercial aired. 
  3. Google (2020): While you may not enjoy getting teary-eyed during a rough-and-tough sport like football, we can’t get enough of Google’s “Loretta” ad campaign. This shows an older man using Google Assistant to recall photos and memories of his late wife, and you couldn’t help but feel those heartstrings getting pulled on. 
  4. Old Spice (2010): While we all know of Old Spice and its ridiculous commercials, this is the one that started it all. This shows a man in the bathroom, then on a boat, and ends with him on a horse. Simply hilarious. 
  5. E-Trade (2008): Ah yes, the E-Trade Baby. Somewhat of a recurring theme for the company, in 2008, we saw the E-Trade baby for the first time in this 30-second ad. It has a voiceover of someone using the platform to buy stocks and other financial products. It’s one of the more attention-grabbing ads we’ve seen during the game.

Let’s look at that Snickers Super Bowl ad, shall we?

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