The Best NFL Uniforms Revealed: From the 2022/2023 Season to Throwback Classics

From the classics to new styles, we look at the best NFL jerseys and color combos this season and from the past.

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The NFL made big news this summer among diehard fans when 13 teams announced they’d be adding an alternate helmet to their repertoire on the fields this fall.

The new additions go well with the NFL’s rule – in effect since 2018 – that teams may wear two different alternate jerseys per year, up to a total of three times.

But most fans prefer the classics, the permanent uniforms and color by which their favorite teams are known. We’re in this group! So with no further ado, we rank the top five uniforms for the 2022/23 NFL season. Then, we look back at some throwback classics from years gone by.

Best NFL Uniforms – 2022/2023 Season

5. Cincinnati Bengals

The AFC champions’ helmets have always been a source of controversy among NFL fans, who tend to love ‘em or hate ‘em. But the consistency of the striped design with a classic orange-and-black combination earns Cincinnati a place on this list.

The addition of stripe combinations to the jerseys and pants to match the helmets take the Bengals into the Top 5. It doesn’t hurt that the team itself became a must-watch last year with the emergence of college teammates Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase at quarterback and wide receiver.

Cincinnati Bengals 2022 Jersey

4. Baltimore Ravens

We stay in the AFC North for our next selection, the Baltimore Ravens. When the franchise first moved from Cleveland in the late 1990s, the purple-dominated duds marked a significant departure from their burnt-orange-and-brown getups during their days in Cleveland.

Over time, however, the Ravens incorporated more and more black into the uniform – a color that naturally goes will with purple – for a look that will remain timeless for the franchise. The all-black look is our particular favorite, but we’ll go for anything that doesn’t involve the gold pants!

Best NFL Jerseys

3. San Francisco 49ers

This is the first of two consecutive NFC choices that go by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” philosophy. The 49ers’ red-and gold combination has remained consistent since well before the glory days of the 1980s and 1990s, save for a few minor adjustments that have Deebo Samuel and friends looking sharp in 2022.

Best NFL Uniforms

Best of all, when you mention red and gold to an NFL fan, it immediately triggers thoughts of the 49ers, much like our next combination…

2. Green Bay Packers

Again, if you brought an NFL fan back from the 1970s or 1980s who hadn’t watched a game since, he’d still easily recognize the Green Bay Packers.

Dark green and gold (that’s what their website calls it, not yellow) may not be the most stylish combination, which is why the Packers played it smart by keeping things simple.

Then again, when this is the alternative, it probably wasn’t a very difficult decision:

Packers NFL Jerseys

1. Los Angeles Chargers

Trying to choose between classic styles that endure through the years, and newer designs for the 21st century gets tiresome… so it’s back to the AFC for a look that started back in the AFL days, went away for a while, and returned to the delight of everyone!

In fact, the San Diego/Los Angeles franchise has utilized so many great uniforms throughout its history (best illustrated on the team’s website) that these days, Justin Herbert and his teammates are regularly rotating through the entire catalog.

We’re still partial to the powder blues. But their on-field struggles haven’t spread to the wardrobes, where the Chargers continue to prove that variety is the spice of life!

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The Best NFL Uniforms Ever

And now, it’s time for classic NFL uniforms of the past. Let’s take a look back at the best NFL uniforms from eras past:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1976-1996:

There’s no denying the fortunes of the Bucs’ franchise turned about the same time as the uniforms. Their first season in the new colors (1997) saw the team return to the playoffs for the first time 15 years. Two Super Bowl titles have followed.

But even if Tampa Bay didn’t accomplish much on the field for their first 20 years in existence, they sure looked good doing it… right?

Best Bucs NFL Jerseys

Truthfully, even at the time these ‘creamsicle’ uniforms were polarizing with fans either extremely fond of or opposed to the look. We’re in the first group.

Denver Broncos, 1968-1996:

Sorry, but we’re staying with the color orange for the next selection. They may be a product of the time, but most football fans agreed the Broncos never should have gone away from this look, complete with one of the greatest helmet logos in history.

Best NFL Jerseys

Like the Buccaneers, new uniforms meant new fortunes for Denver, who quickly won two Super Bowls after changing their look. But for a couple generations of NFL fans, the bright orange with the white horse leaping through the capital D will forever be synonymous with the Mile High franchise.

Los Angeles Rams, 1973-1999 (and present)?

You make the call – are the two Rams jerseys below the same?

Chargers NFL jerseys

Of course not, which is why we can’t agree with those who say the Super Bowl champion Rams have brought back their look from their first run in the city of Los Angeles.

But it’s a lot closer than the navy-and-gold look from their St. Louis days, and that can only be seen as a good thing for bringing the franchise all the way back in the City of Angels. The darker blue and ‘Vegas’ gold will remain a symbol of the St. Louis era, a proud one that saw the franchise’s first Super Bowl title.

But winning Super Bowl 56 in the classic blue and yellow brought the franchise full circle… at least until the next uniform change!

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