2019-20 NFL NFC Futures: Can the Saints Finally Catch a Break?

Matt DiLeo gives his expertise on the upcoming NFL season and predicts who will come out of the NFC.

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Hey guys, I’m back. If you haven’t looked at my AFC predictions article, go check it out right after this to see who I think will face off in the Super Bowl. If you have seen it, thanks for reading and let’s dive into this article.

Finally, the best time of the year has arrived, Football Season. It’s almost time to go out and get those draft boards and notepads and research your favorite “sleeper” picks in your fantasy draft.

Let’s see who has a chance to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to the NFC.


As a New Jersey native, and a Giants fan at heart, I wish I could tell you that this is the year that the Giants make another run and are a huge threat. However, I would be absolutely insane to think that. Hopefully the Giants tank and get another great draft pick…and hopefully don’t screw it up this time.

The Cowboys are coming off a surprising season after acquiring Amari Cooper mid-season. I hate to give the Cowboys credit, but they are looking very good this season as long as Dak Prescott plays at an elite level.

The Eagles are probably the most talented team in this division, and they had to make a tough decision between Foles and Wentz, but they believe they have their guy and they are putting all their eggs in that basket. Hopefully he is able to stay healthy and get back to his old form. But without that, I don’t think they can beat Dallas. But, if he does, look out.

The Redskins will be decent at best and I don’t see their best coming out this season.

I think the NFL gave the Eagles a very easy schedule and that will make the difference against the Cowboys. Both teams should be on the cusp of the playoffs, but I think it will be Philly who takes home the division.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

NFC North

This is the most exciting division in the NFC.  The Bears are looking dangerous, the Vikings are incredibly tough, the Packers may have finally figured it out, and the Lions and Matt Stafford are never an easy out.

Let’s start with the bears. Mitch Trubisky gets a lot of heat for not living up to expectations, but last year he was tremendous. Khalil Mack was the steal of the year and they are an all-around good football team. They were 12-4 for a reason last year.

The Packers finally seemed to have figured out how to make Aaron Rodgers happy and they got him upgrades on defense. If Aaron Rodgers can stay healthy, they might actually be able to help him out and win some football games.

The Vikings seem to fall under the radar every year in Minnesota, but they are absolutely dangerous and have talent everywhere. Kirk Cousins has been solid and with the Packers having a new HC and the Bears most likely taking a step back, this year could be it.

The Lions seem to be in a position to win every football game until the last 2 minutes and absolutely blow it. If they can figure out how to close out games, they could be a Dark Horse team as well.

The Bears and Vikings have a very tough schedule this year and they could end up with a couple less wins this year. I also need Trubisky to have more than one solid year for me to be sold on him. Aaron Rodgers with a chip on his shoulder is making me lean towards the Packers, but I am going to have to see a couple of games first. I can see Green Bay taking it, but I’lll put my money on the Vikings.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings

NFC South

The Saints dominated the regular season last year and had yet another horrible ending to their playoff run. However, this one was not their fault. They will be returning almost everyone, and this could be the end of the Drew Brees era. With that being said, I am all in on the Saints again.

The Falcons have too many questions for my liking and Julio Jones needs to be able to score touchdowns if they want to win, and for some reason that hasn’t been happening.

The Panthers are as good as Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey takes them, but that’s pretty much all they have.

The Bucs need to figure themselves out before I even think about putting them anywhere near the top of the division.

Pick: New Orleans Saints


The Rams will take a stumble because losing the Super Bowl tends to do that to a team in the history of the game, and history does repeat itself. Jared Goff was not impressive at all down the stretch of last season and they might need a wake-up call mid-season. They still should be very good, but I am predicting a tougher upcoming season for them.

Seattle decided to give Russel Wilson an enormous deal and keep him long term, they should reap the benefits with this as he seems to always figure out how to win football games. Seattle is still very solid and should be in the playoffs next year.

The 49ers need Jimmy Garoppolo healthy and they are in a tough division themselves. They should be average at best.

The Cardinals shipped off Josh Rosen to draft Murray who can easily be a bust. Rookie QB and holes in their roster gives them a recipe for the bottom of the division.

My Pick: Seattle Seahawks


I think the NFC is weaker than the AFC and that gives the other teams in this conference a fighting chance. I think the Eagles will have a deep run if Wentz is at his best. I think Seattle could make a playoff push as well. However, call me a sucker for a good story, but I think Drew Brees has 1 more solid year in him and they should make a run with all that talent. They lost 2 years ago due to a poor defensive play. They lost last year in the NFC championship on an unfortunate call. They get 1 step closer every time and I think this could finally be the year.

Pick: New Orleans Saints

Just a reminder to take a look at my AFC prediction article to see who I think will face the Saints in the Super Bowl! Thanks for reading, and If I don’t see ya, good morning, good evening, and good night.

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